How To Get Free Skins In Mobile Legends

Almost every MLBB player knows how important skins are in the game. Also, we are well aware that we need diamonds to get skins in MLBB. Unfortunately, if you lack diamonds, then it’s a little bit difficult for you to get skins. But don’t worry; we will guide you to get free skins in Mobile Legends Bang Bang

MLBB skins also enhance the stats of a gun/player along with the look. Also, these skins have some animations and sound effects. Both these reasons are quite enough to convince a player to get skins. So, keep going with this blog post to know the methods to acquire free skins in Mobile Legends.

Top 10 ways to obtain free skins in Mobile Legends 

1. Lucky Spins 

Lucky spins in MLBB are one of the most comfortable methods to acquire free skins. However, this way is all about luck, as the name of the method already suggests. By using lucky spins, you may have a chance to win a gun/hero skin. 

Furthermore, you should be active enough if you want to bring out the best of the lucky spins. So whenever it is available, you should grab the opportunity to win several rewards along with the skins. 

2. MLBB Tournaments 

Unlike the lucky spins, in tournaments, you need to put effort into obtaining free skins in Mobile Legends. First of all, you have to keep an eye on such tournaments to participate in them. You can look for such tournaments across the web. 

Various third-party entities hold such tournaments on both small and large scales. Also, most of the time, the winners of such tournaments get either a cash prize or in-game diamonds. Later, both these items can be used to get free skins in MLBB.

3. MLBB In-game Events 

MLBB developers always take care of their players, and thus, they often bring new events to the game. Such in-game events make the game more engaging and offer you a chance to win a lot of rewards, including the MLBB skins. 

Moreover, we are always very excited about such events as we know it is the best opportunity to obtain free skins. Also, such events offer you elite skins too. Further, you should regularly look for the latest events and actively participate in them to win grand prizes. 

4. Fragments Shop 

Mobile Legends has a fragment shop that can help you to get free skins. Simply, this fragment shop allows you to acquire free skins in exchange for the skin fragments. So, if you possess a certain amount of skin fragments, you can unlock your desired skins. 

One more thing that may come to your mind is that from where you can get skin fragments. So simply, you can obtain them through various events and missions, lucky spins, and daily logins. 


5. Giveaways 

Like lucky spins, your luck also matters in winning free skins and other rewards through giveaways. Also, you should regularly look out for such giveaway programs. 

On reaching certain milestones, many YouTubers and other social media content creators run giveaway programs. They do so to increase their platform’s engagement. But as an MLBB player, it’s always a good opportunity for you to take part in such giveaways to win free skins and other exciting rewards. 

6. Redeem/Promotional Codes 

MLBB often releases various codes known as promotional/redeem codes. You can redeem such codes to get free skins in Mobile Legends. Besides free skins, you can win other exciting items too. 

Most importantly, if you want to make sure you get such codes, you must follow the game officials on various social media platforms. It’s because the game developers mostly announce redeem codes on their official social media handles or websites.


7. Aurora Summon 

In the shop section of MLBB, you can find Aurora Summon. By exploring it, you can earn lucky points, and after collecting 100 points, you can get a free skin. You can collect lucky points using Aurora Crystals or logging in daily. 

Most importantly, using this way, you will not only get cheap skins, but you may obtain elite and special skins, too.

8. Request Your Friend 

One of the best features of MLBB is that it allows you to exchange gifts with your in-game friends. So if any of your friends have enough skin, you can request your friend to send you a skin. Getting free skins in this way feels like a cakewalk. 

9. GPT Apps 

GPT apps offer you cash prizes instead of free skins. So, it will be an indirect way to obtain free skins in Mobile Legends. GPT apps pay you to complete small tasks and activities. Later, with the help of this cash, you can obtain your favorite skin in MLBB.


10. Other Ways 

This article has mentioned various ways to acquire free skins in Mobile Legends. But there are additional methods, too, such as Season Ranked Rewards, Starlight Membership, Daily Login, Magic Wheel, etc.

The Last Thoughts

Many players think that getting free skins is a difficult task, but there is nothing like that. The only thing is that you have to be consistent to obtain free skins. Also, if you use the ways mentioned above, you can have a fine collection of MLBB skins. 

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