How to Monetize YouTube Channel Fast?

When someone starts a youtube channel, the first thing that strikes their mind is how long it will take to monetize the channel. So this article features how you can monetize your Youtube channel fast.

Youtube is among the top choice for creators to post their content because anyone can use this app easily. Statista 2022 says that more than 2.6 Billion people use youtube, and India tops the list of active YouTube users.

So these stats are pretty enough to understand the potential of Youtube. Many people try to make a fortune out of this platform. Some get early success while some get it late. At the same time, some don’t even get success at all. So we are going to give you some effective tips that can help you achieve early success.

Ways to monetize youtube channels fast

Now get ready, as we will discuss these ways in detail in detail.

1 Fulfill the criteria to join YPP

Firstly, if you want to monetize Youtube channel, you need to fulfill the minimum eligibility criteria to join Youtube Partner Program (YPP). You can only apply your channel for monetization when you are completely eligible to be a part of YPP.

Now let’s look at the eligibility criteria to join Youtube Partner Program.

You need to have at least 1000 subscribers or more on your youtube channel
Your videos should have a minimum of 4000 watch hours over the last year.
You need to agree to follow Youtube policy and guidelines.
You need to have an Adsense account.

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2 Upload videos and shorts consistently

Whether you are doing any kind of work or task, you always need to be consistent. Like, if you also want to monetize your youtube channel fast, you need to publish content consistently. It also helps your viewers to understand when your new video will come.

The more you upload videos, the more the chances of getting new subscribers and watching hours will be. However, more content doesn’t mean you started posting anything that has no meaning. But you should try to publish something worth watching.

You should focus on uploading content that your audience wants to watch, and for that, you need to know your audience first. It would be great if you could post at least 2 or 3 videos per week.

3 Upload evergreen and trendy content

As a YouTuber, you should try uploading evergreen or trendy videos to get more views on your content. For example, if you upload videos about food recipes, then that particular video comes under evergreen content. As you can get a view anytime whenever someone searches for any food recipe.

However, suppose you upload videos about esports on your youtube channel and, for instance, you have uploaded a video about Free Fire (A Battle Royale Game) events. In that case, that video is in trend only for the time of this event.

That’s why it’s always helpful if you post evergreen and trendy content to get more views and subscribers.

4. Create an attractive thumbnail

Whenever someone searches for a particular topic on youtube, the first thing that appears with several results is the thumbnails of different channels. So the thumbnails of your videos play a direct role in getting organic views to your channel. Therefore always try to make the thumbnails of your videos attractive.

Moreover, along with being attractive, the thumbnail should clarify what the video has stored for you. Besides the thumbnail, the name of your youtube channel should also be relevant to the videos that you post regularly. As both the title and thumbnail directly affect the click-through rate of your videos.

This is to say that you should not make the silly mistakes that many YouTubers often make of ignoring thumbnails. As this small-looking mistake can decrease the chances of getting your channel to monetize quickly.

5 Work on youtube SEO

According to a report, technically, Youtube comes after Google in terms of the largest search engine. As a result, you can even get views on your videos from Google. But for that, you must optimize your videos for SEO.

Further, if you want to get more views from SEO, you first need to learn about it. Afterwards, you can optimize your video titles, description, thumbnails, and tags for SEO. Moreover, you can even use some tools to better your youtube SEO, such as YouTube Analytics, TubeBuddy, Google Trends, VidIQ, and many more like that.

Above all, working on youtube SEO can help you quickly monetize your Youtube channel.

6 Add similar videos in the video description

Many people don’t have any description in the videos that they upload. In comparison, some of them have but do not contain any of their other video links in the video description. So you should always take care of this small negligence.

However, you should only give the links of videos in the description that are relevant to the video the viewers are watching. It will allow the viewers to find similar videos of their choice.

7 Pin relevant videos link in the comment section

Like what you have to do with video description, the same you can do to get more views. For that, you need to put some relevant videos link in your comment section and then pin these links. But remember, the link that you have provided in the comment section should be highly related to the current video.

If your given link is somewhat irrelevant, then the chances for clicks may slightly decrease. That’s why you should only use relatable links to get more clicks.

8 Remind your viewers to subscribe to your channel

Never feel it hard to ask your viewers to like and subscribe to your channel. It can also help you grow your channel and monetize quickly. But make sure that you’re not asking about this at the beginning of your video. Instead, try to remind them at the end of the video to subscribe to your channel. Also, in the end, never forget to thank your viewers for watching your video.


You know that it’s a little bit challenging to monetize Youtube channel. But at the same time, your hard work, consistency, dedication, and the tips we gave in this article will certainly help you to monetize your youtube channel fast.

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