How To Get Free Rare Skin Fragments In Mobile Legends 

Skin Fragments in MLBB are very favored, especially the rare ones. These skin fragments help you to obtain attractive and elite skins for your top heroes. All these make your hero stand out from all other ones. That’s why rare skin fragments are crucial in Mobile Legends Bang Bang

We know we need diamonds or battle points to acquire skins, but getting skins through skin fragments is one of the best alternatives. These fragments allow you to get your desired skins and enhance the skills and look of your hero. So, let’s check out the best ways to get free rare skin fragments in MLBB

Top 10 ways to obtain rare skin fragments in Mobile Legends 

1. Magic Wheel 

Most players use the magic wheel to obtain elite skins, and it’s more challenging than it seems. Yet, the good part is that you can acquire rare skin fragments through the magic wheel in MLBB. So it’s better to use the magic wheel to win rare skin fragments instead of legendary skins in Mobile Legends. 

2. Lucky Spins 

In the lucky spin option, you can indirectly obtain free rare skin fragments. You can win several rare skin fragments using this method. So, if you win a skin in the lucky spin you already own, you can exchange it for numerous skin fragments. Most importantly, how many rare skin fragments you will win depends on the skin you have won in the lucky spin.

3. MLBB In-game Events 

In-game events are one of the most preferable ways to collect rare skin fragments in Mobile Legends Bang Bang. Besides the skin fragments, you can win other rewards, too, like diamonds, skins, heroes, etc. So, it is recommended that you keep an eye on the events section of the game to win exciting rewards. 

4. Recharge Bonus 

Players often make diamond recharge in their in-game account, but what if you get free rare skin fragments for doing this? Yes, this happens sometimes as if you successfully complete a recharge of 10 diamonds, you are eligible to win a bonus of 4 rare skin fragments. 

5. Lucky Shop

Lucky Shop plays an important role when you win a skin (in the game) that you already own. Now, you must be thinking about what a lucky shop can do for you in such a scenario. So, the Lucky Shop can exchange that skin for rare skin fragments. 

6. Fragments Shop 

Fragments Shop also works as an exchange program like Lucky Shop but in a different manner. Here, you can convert fragments instead of exchanging the skins. For a better understanding, let’s take an example. So if you own a hero’s fragments and now you don’t need them anymore, you can get skin fragments in exchange for the hero fragments. 

7. Redeem Codes 

We all know that MLBB redeem codes can be used to collect various in-game items. Similarly, you can collect rare skin fragments in Mobile Legends with such codes. Yet, you must look for them regularly across the web as they have time limits. 

8. Using Arrival Tokens 

Arrival tokens are also a good medium to obtain free rare skin fragments in MLBB. When you visit the shop section in the game, you will see a ‘New Arrival’ option. When you open that option, you have to select the new skin’s arrival to obtain rare skin fragments. 

9. Daily Login 

When logging in to the game daily, you can get various rewards, and there are chances of getting rare skin fragments, too. So you try this method too, and it is one of the easiest of all the above. 

10. Other Ways 

The ways mentioned above are some of the best ways to acquire free rare skin fragments in the Mobile Legends. But a few more options are available to get rare skin fragments, such as Starlight Membership, Magic Fragments, etc.

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