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How to get free battle points in Mobile Legends

How To Get More Battle Points In Mobile Legends 

Every MLBB player like you wants to get more Battle Points(BP) in the game. As we know, BP is one of the main currencies of MLBB and is essential for exploring new heroes, emblem chests, draw emblem matrix, etc. That’s why battle points are very crucial in Mobile Legends. 

If you have more BP, it will improve your in-game experience as you will be able to explore a wide range of heroes and gameplay options. That’s why one should know how to get more Battle Points in Mobile Legends. Thus, this article will look at several ways and strategies to boost your Battle Points in MLBB. 

Top ways to earn more Battle Points in Mobile Legends 

1. Login Daily & Get Rewards 

If you are looking for the easiest way to get free battle points, you can get them by logging in to the game every day. Rewards may differ from day to day, and one day, you may also get 300 BP.

2. Daily Quests 

Like daily login, daily quests are also one of the straightforward ways to obtain Battle Points in Mobile Legends. You can acquire up to 230 BP every day with daily quests. Moreover, if you complete 800 activity points within a week, you can get 500 BP as a bonus.

3. Achievements 

You can find numerous achievements in the game, and MLBB offers them to let you earn BP. So you need to finish off certain requirements and unlock several achievements to collect Battle Points. Most importantly, you should try to complete all the available achievements in the game. 

4. Lucky Spins 

If you want to try your luck in the game, then you should visit the Lucky Spin section under the Shop Tab. The Lucky Spin roulette consists of several listed rewards.

So you may earn anything from the listed rewards, and if you’re lucky enough, you can get 300 BP and other in-game items like hero, skin, skin trial pack, etc. You will need 20 tickets for a single spin; sometimes, you can even spin for free. 

5. Free Chests 

Similar to Daily Quests and Daily Login, Free Chest is also one of the simplest ways to obtain more battle points in Mobile Legends. Every day, you can use 6 Free Chests (every 4 hours). With the Free Chests, you can earn 30-40 Battle Points. 

Moreover, besides the Battle Points, you can also obtain Magic Dusts, Emblem and, Premium Skin Fragments, etc. So it’s always beneficial to avail the Free Chests.

6. Medal Chests 

Similar to Free Chests, Medal Chests are also a simple way to acquire BP. Also, you can unlock Medal Chests by taking part in different matches. With every Medal Chest, you can earn 200-250 Battle Points in Mobile Legends. 

7. Play More AI & Brawl Matches 

Playing AI and Brawl matches is one of the fastest ways to collect Battle Points. In the AI matches, you and your other companions have a great chance to earn more BP because you just have to play against AI (which is very weak in this game mode). 

While in the Brawl matches, you only need to pick the right hero for you to perform high in the game and earn more BP. Both these modes are of short duration, so it’s recommended that you play more and more matches to get maximum BP.

8. Play and Become MVP 

Another way in our list to earn more Battle Points in Mobile Legends is to play the maximum number of matches you can and try to emerge as the MVP of the match. The MVP of the match earns more BP than the remaining players. 

9. Maintain Decent Credit Score 

If you succeed in maintaining a decent credit score ( 110 or above) in the Mobile Legends, then you can earn an extra 10 percent of BP than that of regular ones. So, to keep your credit score high, you should play without any violations. 

10. Sell The Unused Inventory Items 

In case you don’t know, you can obtain BP in MLBB by selling unused items in your in-game inventory. With time, the inventory gets packed up with unused stuff because of many events, so you can sell them to earn BP. You will earn a certain amount of BP for every item. 

11. Convert Trial Cards Into BP 

Usually, trial cards are used to try heroes and hero skins, but once you succeed in owning them permanently, you are eligible to convert these trial cards into Battle Points. Also, you will acquire 30 Battle Points for a trial card. 

12. Check Out The Events Hall 

 The MLBB Events Hall has numerous things to offer. So, you should regularly explore the events hall and look for events or missions that can provide you with Battle Points as a reward. 

13. Use The BP Cards 

BP cards have the potential to double your Battle Points. There are several BP cards, but they all work in the same manner. So, if you also want to double your Battle Points, you need to activate your BP Card.

14. Check Your Mail 

If you think your Mailbox is not related to the MLBB, then you are missing something exciting and interesting. Many times, it happens that the game officials send BP as a gift to the players. 

15. Other Ways 

There are a few more tips that can help you to acquire more Battle Points in Mobile Legends. Some of them are squad rewards, Starlight membership, etc. 

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