How To Get Free Apex Coins In Apex Legends Mobile Game

Apex Legends Mobile Game is a tactical battle royale shooter game. This game has different in-game currencies, such as Apex coins (Syndicate Gold), Vault tokens, and Flux coins. Apex coins are the premium in-game currency, and they cost real money. But this article features the ways to get free Apex coins in Apex Legends Mobile Game.

Like most other battle royale games, it is also a great character-based game. With its Apex coins, you can buy various in-game items such as legendary characters, gun skins, emotes, guns, other accessories, etc. Because of the high prices of Apex Coins, players look for free ways to obtain this currency.

So keep reading this article to know the ways by which you can earn the free Apex coins in Apex Legends.

List of the ways to get free Apex coins in Apex Legends

  • Get Apex coins from giveaways
  • Take part in In-game tournaments
  • Win Apex coins from various GPT apps
  • Through battle pass
  • Follow various communities on Reddit
  1. Get Apex coins from giveaways

Like other in-game currencies of other battle royale games, Apex Legends mobile game’s in-game currencies can also be obtained by giveaways. Many popular YouTubers and streamers of platforms like Twitch provide Apex coins as a giveaway to their followers.

However, getting apex coins from giveaways is based on your luck. Still, the chances of getting free apex coins to increase when you actively participate in giveaways.

  1. Take part in In-game tournaments

Another way to have free Apex coins is by participating in in-game tournaments. Many pro players of this game earn free Apex coins using this way. You can also take part in such tournaments with your team.

But one thing you should keep in mind is that the team you build for the tournament is reliable and strong. Because participating in the tournament with a good team increases your chances of winning and getting Apex coins for free.

  1. Win Apex coins from GPT apps

You know that GPT apps are one of the favourites of many players to obtain free Apex coins. Now you must be wondering what apps let you earn free Apex coins in the Apex Legends game. Most importantly, you can only earn Apex coins as a reward for doing small tasks on these apps and websites.

Now, let’s see some examples of GPT apps: Google Opinion Rewards, Taskbucks, Swagbucks, Idle Empire, Inbox Dollars, etc.

Moreover, when you search for free Apex coins on search engines, you also might find results for free Apex coin generators. So always try to avoid such ways to get Apex coins, as they might be scam websites.

  1. Through battle pass

Apex Legend brings various battle pass for their players. The best part of these battles is that you can earn premium rewards along with Apex coins. For example, if you purchase an Eclipse battle pass bundle for 2800 Apex coins, you can get 4700 Apex coins.

  1. Follow various communities on Reddit

Reddit is a popular social news platform, and several kinds of communities are available. You can also find many Apex Legends communities on this platform. Now you must be thinking about how these communities help you earn free Apex coins in Apex Legends.

Now see how these Reddit communities help you get free Apex coins. So the thing is that these Apex Legends communities offer you giveaways. This way, when you take part in such giveaways, you can earn Apex coins for free.

Final thoughts

In this article, we have presented 5 ways to get free Apex coins in Apex Legends Mobile Game. Apart from these, you can also get free Apex coins through Apex coin generators. However, Apex coin generators are not legit, and that’s why we have not mentioned them in this article. We hope you find this article helpful and worth reading.

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