10 Best Mobile Games In 2023

According to a report, there are more than 2.7 billion Mobile game users in the world, and more than 490K games are available globally. New games enter the gaming community every year, but only a few can get attention. So in this article, we are going to tell you the 10 best mobile games that you can go for in the year 2023.

Mobile games have gained a lot of popularity in recent times, and games like PUBG, Call of Duty, Minecraft, Asphalt 9, etc., are among the top choices for Android gamers. Moreover, if we talk about the genre of games, then battle royale, shooting, strategy, adventure, etc., types of games are very popular. 

Now let’s look at some of the top mobile games of different genres. 

List of the 10 best mobile games 

  • Apex Legends Mobile 
  • Minecraft 
  • Fortnite 
  • Asphalt 9 
  • Thimbleweed Park 
  • Call of Duty 
  • Papers, Please
  • Pubg 
  • Garena Free Fire 
  • Pokemon Go 

Now let’s have a look at the games mentioned above in detail. 

1. Apex Legends Mobile 

Download Size: 3.39 GB 

Price: Free 

The Apex Legends Mobile game was released on 16th May 2022 and is a tactical battle royale shooter game. This game’s genre is similar to Garena Free Fire and Fortnite. But the game has some different and fantastic game modes, some new exciting features, and gameplay styles.

At the start of the game, you will enter the alluring Apex Legends universe. Then you can team up with others and also join forces with two companions and play against other players. Moreover, the game has numerous characters with unique and different abilities. Also, it has a variety of weapons so that you can choose one that suits your gameplay style. 

2. Minecraft 

Download Size: 537 MB

Price: INR 650/$6.99 

Minecraft first came into existence in the year 2011, and since then, it has become popular day by day. It is a survival-style game, and to play this game; you should have to be creative-minded. The game has two different modes: creative and survival. 

You can create many things in the creative mode, from a lovely simple house to a splendid castle. While in survival mode, you can mine many things in the in-game world. Also, in the game, you can find out the latest creations in the in-game marketplace. 

Moreover, if you don’t want to purchase this game but want to explore this game, then you can download the “Minecraft Trial”

3. Fortnite 

Download Size: Varies from 1.56 GB to 2.98 GB

Price: Free 

Fortnite is an action, shooter type of battle royale game. At first, the game is only available for console and PC versions, but later after getting a positive response on PCs, the makers also make it available for Android. 

Fortnite is extremely fun and has amazing storytelling. Also, it has diverse and amazing characters. Moreover, the game has some vital weapons and incredible skins. Furthermore, the best thing about Fortnite is that here console gamers and android gamers can play together. 

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4. Asphalt 9 

Download Size: 2.52 GB

Price: Free 

If you’re fond of playing racing games, then Asphalt 9 is one of the best options for you. Asphalt 9 made its first appearance in July 2018. Also, it is among the best mobile games in racing. In this game, you can experience sports racing as you drift on the streets. Moreover, you can play in two modes: online solo and multiplayer.

Furthermore, the game offers more than 150 high-speed motor vehicles such as Lamborghini, Ferrari, Bugatti Bolide, Porsche etc. Also, you can customise the vehicles according to you, such as you can repaint your vehicle or change the body parts etc. You can also make your own online racing club which includes your racer buddies. 

5. Thimbleweed Park 

Download Size: 0.98 GB 

Price: INR 650

Thimbleweed Park is a stylised puzzle-adventure type of game. In this game, the whole story revolves around a dead body in the town Thimbleweed Park. Thimbleweed Park is a town with 80 nutcases. The game has a haunted hotel, a vacant circus, a burnt-out pillow factory, and a dead body pixelating under the bridge. Here you will find a place that you probably haven’t seen before. 

In the game, players need to investigate the body, and it all happens in a very curious way. Moreover, the player can choose their character from the available five characters. 

6. Call of Duty

Download Size: 2.40 GB

Price: Free 

Call of Duty is among the most popular battle royale and shooting games, with more than 100 million downloads on Google Play Store. The game has various modes such as Battle Royale, Player vs Player, Multiplayer etc. 

Moreover, the game has some fantastic multiplayer modes like Team Deathmatch, Kill-confirmed and Domination. Also, Call of Duty has some iconic maps like Standoff, Shipment, and Raid. Call of Duty has thrilling 3D graphics and sound, intuitive and customisable graphics etc. 

7. Papers, Please 

Download Size: 30.40 MB

Price: INR 390

Papers, Please is a dystopian document thriller game and it is one of the best mobile games in this genre. At first, the game was not available for Android, but now it is available. The game has won a lot of awards, including the Grand Prize Winner in 2014. This game is the best choice, especially for those who prefer strategy and puzzle simulation games. 

In this game, your role is of an immigration inspector, and your work is to check who can enter the communist state of Arstotzka from the people coming from their neighbour state, Kolechia. You have to stop and arrest the smugglers, spies, and terrorists hidden among the travellers. Also, you have to find the lawbreakers using the documents given by the travellers. 

8. Pubg 

Download Size: 636 MB, approximately

Price: Free 

Pubg is one of the most famous and amazing battle royale games. For Android, the game was released back in March 2018. You can play Pubg in first-person or third-person perspective. It is a PVP shooter game in which 100 players fight in a battleground, and the one who remains alive at last wins the match. 

Pubg has amazing graphics because it uses Unreal Engine and provides realistic and smooth graphics. Also, the game offers various in-game items, such as weapons, cosmetics, vehicles, etc., making the game more interesting to play. 

9. Garena Free Fire 

Download Size: 769 MB, approximately

Price: Free 

Garena Free Fire is an amazing game that provides an incredible gameplay experience in a Battle Royale. It has several thrilling game modes which you can use to play. The main purpose of this game is to survive and be the last one alive. 

Free Fire has a lot of in-game items, such as several characters with different unique abilities, weapons, emotes, skins, gun skins, cosmetics, bundles, pets, etc. All these in-game items make the game a better option to play. In this game, you can play solo, or you can also create your squad. 

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10. Pokemon Go 

Download Size: 106 MB

Price: Free 

Pokemon Go is an extensive open-world multiplayer role-playing game. Also, this game is among the best role-playing mobile games of all time. This game has over ten crore downloads on Google Play Store. One of the best things about this game is that it keeps you physically active. 

You can play this game in Raid battles and PvP mode. Also, you can have fun in multiplayer mode to win the in-game rewards. Moreover, you can also make your own Avatar and create your own adventure. 

Some other popular mobile games 

Besides the games mentioned above, there are some games also that come among the best and most well-known mobile games. The list of such games is mentioned below.

  • Among Us 
  • Civilisation VI 
  • Alto’s Odyssey 
  • Genshin Impact 
  • Clash Royale 
  • Roblox 
  • Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

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