How To See Deleted WhatsApp Messages – 2 Powerful Apps

WhatsApp is among the most used messenger apps with many different features that almost everyone loves. One such feature is you can delete any message if you sent it by oversight. But sometimes, it makes us inquisitive about what the deleted message contains. So this article features how you can see deleted WhatsApp messages.

Most time, we generally don’t care about the deleted messages, but sometimes the situation is like something that you really want to know what that deleted message was. So many people think that it is possible to see the deleted message. The answer is yes; want to know how then keep reading this article.

Ways to see deleted WhatsApp messages

WhatsApp only provides features that can help you to delete any message for everyone. But it has no inbuilt features that enable you to look over the erased messages. However, there is a solution for almost everything in this world. So you can also have a solution for this problem.

Now, let’s see which ways allow you to discover deleted messages.

  1. See deleted messages without any third-party app
  2. See deleted messages with the third-party apps

Now let’s discuss how these ways mentioned above work.

1. Read deleted messages without any third-party app

This can only happen if you use any Android 11 or above phone. So if you have such a phone, you do not need to download any additional app to know the deleted messages. Here’s the procedure to see the messages that the sender has deleted.

Firstly go to your phone’s settings and then go to the “Apps and Notifications” section.
After that, open the “Notifications” section.
Thereafter you will find the “Notification History” button, and then within this button, you only need to On the “Use Notification History”.
Now, whenever you get WhatsApp notifications, you can find them here, including the deleted messages.

So, whenever you want to see the messages deleted by the sender, you can go through the above steps to read them.

Note: Most phones only save the notification history for the last 24 hours and so the deleted messages. Moreover, you can not retrieve media files by using this feature. Still, you can find them by using external apps.

2. Read deleted messages using the third-party apps

So don’t worry if you don’t have an Android 11 phone or above; you can even look over the deleted messages using third-party applications. Moreover, you only need to download and install the app we will tell you about. Then you can easily see what the sender has deleted in between your WhatsApp conversation.

So let’s discuss some of the best apps that let you read the erased messages through notification history.

1. WAMR App

You can find the WAMR app on Google Play Store, and this app has more than 5 crore plus downloads. This app lets you recover text messages and even media files (Images, videos, animated gifs, audio, stickers and voice notes).

To use this app, you simply need to install this app to your device and then give the necessary permission to the app. This application saves the backup of the notification you get, and when someone deletes any message, then it immediately sends you a notification. Moreover, you can also retrieve document messages with this app.

Note: If you’re online on WhatsApp and meanwhile someone sends and deletes a message, then you can not read that message. Because at that time, you won’t receive a notification. Also, make sure to read all erased messages; you should have a stable internet network connection.

2. Notisave App

Like the WAMR app, this application also allows you to browse deleted text messages and media attachments. This app has more than 1 crore downloads. Also, it’s among the best notification app. Additionally, it lets you read WhatsApp chats offline. That means you can even read chats in such a way that even the sender cannot know whether you have read them or not.

Most importantly, when you download and install this application, you only need to give the required permissions to the Notisave app. Because this app also works by saving your device notifications. Moreover, to know the erased media files, make sure that the function of auto media download in your WhatsApp is on.

Bonus: Besides these two third-party apps, many other applications are also available that let you see the deleted WhatsApp messages for free such as Auto RDM, WA deleted messages recovery app etc.

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