How To Watch Live Cricket Matches For Free?

This article spotlights how you can watch live cricket matches for free, as we all know that cricket is more than just a sport for many of us. The craze of cricket matches among people is really on the top. But the thing is that to watch most of the matches; you need to pay even if you are watching it on TV or phone.

But not everyone can have the money to pay the subscription fee of the broadcasters. So they look for ways by which they can watch live cricket matches for free. Thus, we will show you the best ways that allow you to enjoy the live streaming of cricket matches at no cost.

As we all know, various platforms give you live updates about every ball, but watching live is a different kind of fun. So let’s see how you can enjoy watching cricket.

Ways to watch live cricket matches for free

  1. Disney + Hotstar
  2. Sony Liv
  3. Jio TV
  4. Amazon Prime

We all know that to watch cricket on the platforms mentioned above, one needs to get a membership. But with some smart tactics, you can watch live cricket matches for free. So now let’s discuss in detail about this.

1. Disney + Hotstar

Disney + Hotstar is among the major live-streaming cricket platforms. Moreover, it shows all the sports events shown on Star Network. Here you can watch almost all the major and minor cricket tournaments and series such as World Cup, Asia Cup, IPL etc.

Now you might be thinking about how you can watch on this platform for free. But first, we will look at the annual membership plans of Disney + Hotstar.

  • Disney + Hotstar Mobile – INR 499 per year
  • Disney + Hotstar Super – INR 899 per year
  • Disney + Hotstar Premium – INR 1499 per year

Now let’s see the tricks that allow you to watch for free.

i) With Jio Recharge Plans

Jio offers Disney + Hotstar mobile membership with some of their prepaid plans. So if you are a Jio user and recharge with the below-listed plans, then you can avail of Disney + Hotstar services for free.

  • INR 333 – Subscription for 3 months
  • INR 419 – Subscription for 3 months
  • INR 499 – Subscription for 28 days
  • INR 583 – Subscription for 3 months
  • INR 601 – Subscription for 1 year
  • INR 659 – Subscription for 1 year
  • INR 783 – Subscription for 3 months
  • INR 799 – Subscription for 1 year
  • INR 1066 – Subscription for 1 year
  • INR 1199 – Subscription for 3 months
  • INR 2999 – Subscription for 1 year
  • INR 4199 – Subscription of Disney + Hotstar for 1 year

Note: For more detail about these plans, visit the official website of Jio. Moreover, these plans may be subject to change as per Jio.

ii) With Airtel Recharge Plans

Airtel also provides Disney + Hotstar subscription with some of its selected plans.

  • INR 399 – Subscription for 3 months
  • INR 599 – Subscription for 12 months
  • INR 839 – Subscription for 3 months
  • INR 3359 – Subscription for 12 months

Bonus Tip: You can also get a free Disney + Hotstar membership with Tata Play Binge Combo offer worth INR 399 per month.

2. Sony Liv

Sony Liv also live streams many cricket matches and take subscription fee from its users. But with some tips, you can watch matches without paying extra money. Like Hotstar, Sony Liv has also partnered with Jio, VI and Airtel to offer its free subscription with some of their selected recharge plans. Also, you can get its members for free with Tata Play Binge Combo offer. Moreover, if you’re a Flipkart Plus member, then you can also obtain its subscription at no cost.

3. Jio TV

Jio also live streams some of the cricket matches on its Jio TV platform. You can watch matches on Jio TV with many of the Jio recharge plans for free. It streams live matches on its channel Jio Cricket. So if you’re a Jio Sim user, you can easily have Jio TV access to watch many things such as movies, shows, news, sports, including cricket etc.

4. Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime is another platform that also shows some of the selected cricket matches. Likewise other platforms, here also you will have to take their subscription to enjoy using Amazon Prime.

However, there are some tricks that you can use to watch live cricket matches for free on Amazon Prime without directly getting their subscription. So if you want to know how, then go and check the article that we already wrote about it by clicking the link below.

How to get Free Amazon Prime Subscription

Bonus Tip: One can also enjoy live cricket matches for free, and other sports matches for free on a platform named CricHD. However, you require to provide mandatory access to them.


So these ways mentioned above are among the preferable choices for watching live cricket matches for free. We have given you the necessary details about these ways. Still, it would be best if you go and check the official website of these platforms to know the complete process and details.

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