How To Get Youtube Premium For Free?

If you also love to watch videos and spend time on YouTube but are tired of watching the ads. Then this article is surely for you, as it features how you can get YouTube Premium for free. Yes, you read it right; there are some ways that can help you to use Youtube premium without spending a single penny.

Many people cannot afford the subscription price of youtube premium, so they always look for ways that let them access YouTube premium for free. Once you get the premium membership, you can have YouTube premium benefits. However, the following plans are available if anyone wants to purchase the Youtube premium membership.

  • 1 month – INR 129 (For individual)
  • 1 month – INR 79 (For eligible students only)
  • 1 month – INR 189 (For family, up to 5 members)

Still, you do not need to buy these plans, as this article will let you know some of the top secret tips for having a premium membership.

Major benefits of YouTube premium

  • You can enjoy watching your favourite videos without any ads.
  • You can even play videos in the background while using any other app.
  • One can easily download the Premium content.
  • You will get access to listen to YouTube Music premium.

Ways to get YouTube Premium for free

  • Free 30-day trial by YouTube
  • Get free 6-month premium membership with Flipkart.

Now let’s discuss these above ways in detail to have a more clear understanding.

1. Free 30-day trial by YouTube

One of the simplest ways to use youtube premium for free is by enrolling yourself in the 30-day trial offered by YouTube. This offer can be availed, onetime per user. Moreover, to enrol in the free trial, you need to add your credit/debit card details for the upcoming months. Because once your free trial period ends, then you will be auto-charged INR 129 per month.

However, the plus point is that you can cancel this free subscription anytime and can delete your card details to save yourself from being auto-charged. Additionally, YouTube will remind you seven days before your free trial ends.

2. Get free 6-month premium membership with Flipkart

As you can get the benefits of Youtube premium only for 1 month with its free trial. But Flipkart has something more for you. Many times Flipkart offers their Flipkart Plus members free YouTube premium for up to 6 months. This offer can be availed by spending 150 Flipkart Plus Super Coins.

Now to claim this offer, Flipkart Plus customers need to go to the Flipkart zone on its poor website. After that, tap on the claim exclusive rewards and select YouTube premium. Doing so, you will get a voucher code that can be used to get Youtube premium for no cost.

Moreover, like the free trial, here, also you need to add your credit/debit card details to get the benefits of this offer. Further, as your free membership period end, payments for the upcoming months will automatically be charged from your account. But you can prevent this by cancelling your membership before your subscription ends and can delete your card details.

Note: You can only avail this offer during the offer time as it is not available all the time. Moreover, to claim this voucher, you must not have used YouTube premium before now.

Bonus Tip: If you’re among people who have been members of Youtube premium for more than 6 years, then it’s time to celebrate. Because according to a report, YouTube is offering 1 year of YouTube Premium for free to such customers.

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