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Top 5 Indian Gamers Car Collection

Top 5 Indian Gamer’s Cars Collection

After the lockdown, we have noticed the epic growth in online gaming, and with the exponential boom, players have made millions of bucks too. Today, YouTube is filled with thousands of gaming content you will always enjoy. Numerous players have taken gaming as a full-time, and they are living their dream life now. Every gamer has his dream car, and this guide is all about the Indian Gamers Cars Collection.

In this guide, we are here to share with you the Top 5 Indian gamer’s car collections.

Top 5 Indian Gamers Cars Collection

  1. CarryMinati – Toyota Fortuner
  2. Dynamo Gaming – Audi A6
  3. Kronten Gaming – BMW 6 Series GT
  4. Scout – Ford Mustang
  5. Gyan Gaming – BMW Z4

5. CarryMinati

CarryMinati: Indian Gamers Cars Collection
Ajey Nagar (Image credit: CarryMinati)

Ajey Nagar, popularly known as CarryMinati, is a YouTuber and streamer. Carry is well known for his roasting videos, online game streaming and reactions to various online topics on his channel CarryMinati. Carry live streams games like GTA V, BGMI, Minecraft etc., on his other track CarryisLive.

Coming on the cars which Carry has is Toyota Fortuner.

Fortuner is a popular SUV with a 2694 cc – 2755 cc engine that produces 163.6 – 201.15bhp with 500Nm maximum torque. The Avg. Ex-Showroom price of Fortuner is 32.59 – 50.34 Lakh.

4. Dynamo Gaming

Aditya Sawant (Image credit: Dynamo Gaming)

Aditya Sawant, aka Dynamo Gaming, is a YouTuber who mostly plays PUBG and BGMI. Dynamo Gaming has over 10 Million subscribers on YouTube, making the channel world’s largest PUBG streaming channel.

Aditya Sawant owns a premium sedan Audi A6; under the hood, it has a 1984 cc engine that produces a maximum power of 241.3bhp and 370Nm torque. The expected price of the Audi A6 is 61.60 – 66.26 Lakh (Ex-Showroom price).

3. Kronten Gaming

Indian Gamers Car Collection
Chetan Sanjay (Image Credit: Kronten Gaming)

The name behind Kronten Gaming is “Chetan Sanjay Chandgude “he is a 23-year-old gamer who live streams PUBG gameplay videos on his channel. Apart from PUBG, he also plays Clash Of Clans. Kronten Gaming is the 4th biggest YouTube channel after Carryislive, Dynamo gaming and Mortal, with 2.07 Million subscribers.

Kronten Gaming recently purchased his first dream car luxurious sedan BMW GT 6 Series, which comes at around 69.90 – 71.50 Lakh (Ex-Showroom price). The car comes with a 1998 cc engine with a maximum power of 187.74bhp with 400Nm torque.

2. Sc0ut

Tanmay Singh (Image Credit: Sc0ut)

Tanmay Singh, popularly known as Sc0ut (pronounced Scout), is a YouTuber who is popularly known for PUBG streaming. In 26 years, a young gamer has achieved 4.69 Million subscribers on his YouTube channel. Along with PUBG, Tanmay live streams games like Pokemon, Hogwarts Legacy, GTA, etc.

Tanmay owns an American muscle car Ford Mustang which is about 74 – 80 Lakh. Ford Mustang is known for its engine and speed. It has 8-cylinder 5L engines that produce 395bhp and 515Nm torque.

1. Gyan Gaming

Gyan Gaming: Indian Gamers Car Collection
Ankit Sujan (Image Credit: Gyan Gaming)

Coming on number one, we have Gyan Gaming as Ankit Sujan, one of India’s oldest live-stream gamers. Gyan Gaming has 14.5 Million subscribers on his YouTube handle. He has been working on YouTube since 2017. Ankit Sujan mostly live stream Free Fire; apart from this, he also uploads prank videos on YouTube.

Ankit, a 31-year young gamer, made millions from his single YouTube channel. He owns his dream convertible BMW Z4 sports car. The car’s 6-cylinder 3L engine produces 335bhp power and 500Nm torque, making it super fast. The expected price of the Audi A6 is 84.90 Lakh (Ex-Showroom price).

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