50 Netflix Shows That Didn’t Get Renewed for Another Season

Netflix has been providing viewers with original TV series since 1997, offering a mix of existing adaptations and fresh concepts. The label “A Netflix Original” has become familiar as we settle down with our blanket and remote. However, not all of these shows make it past a single season. Look at 50 Netflix shows that weren’t renewed and see if any of your favorites are on the list.

List of Netflix Shows that didn’t extend for one more season

Messiah (2020)

Messiah: A Netflix Show

“Messiah” created controversy by portraying a man claiming to be Jesus Christ. The show faced criticism from different religious groups and failed to resonate with viewers of various faiths. The cancellation was attributed to its lack of appeal to a broader audience.

The Society (2020)

One of the most liked Netflix shows

A Mysterious Disappearance “The Society” (2020) stands out as an exception among Netflix shows that were not renewed. This intriguing series follows four teenage girls who discover that their entire town has vanished, replaced by an encased forest. Cut off from the outside world, they face the challenge of survival. Despite being approved for a second season, the show was ultimately removed from Netflix’s catalog due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Everything Sucks! (2018)

Everything Sucks

A Coming-of-Age Story “Everything Sucks!” (2018) was a coming-of-age story following three high school students as they navigate peer pressure, relationships, and style. Often compared to popular Netflix shows like “Freaks and Geeks” and “Degrassi,” it received positive reviews from critics and viewers. However, it needed to attract a sufficient target audience to sustain the series, leading to its cancellation.

V Wars (2019)

V wars

“V Wars” tapped into the popularity of supernatural Netflix shows, but with a twist. Instead of zombies, it explored a world where vampires emerged as the threat. The show revolved around a physician/scientist, Luther Swan, who tried to mediate the escalating conflict between humans and vampires. Despite its potential, the series was discontinued after one season due to poor reception and viewership.

Daybreak (2019)


“Daybreak” was a post-apocalyptic zombie-themed show that followed the protagonist, Josh Wheeler, as he searched for his missing girlfriend. While the show had an interesting concept, it was criticized for being a watered-down version of “The Walking Dead.” Netflix decided not to renew the series, citing insufficient viewership.

The Greenhouse Academy (2017)

The GreenHouse Academy

A Shocking Cancellation “Greenhouse Academy” (2017) initially garnered attention with its complex plot about two siblings investigating eerie earthquakes following their mother’s tragic death. Despite its popularity, the producers unexpectedly canceled the show after four seasons, shocking the cast and fans. Despite excellent ratings and quality reviews, plans for two additional seasons were abandoned.

The Joel McHale Show with Joel McHale (2018)

A Weekly News Attempt “The Joel McHale Show with Joel McHale” (2018) was Netflix’s first venture into a weekly topical series featuring discussions on society, politics, and entertaining sketches with celebrity guests. However, the show’s delivery format clashed with Netflix’s binge-watching model, which led to its cancellation after airing from February to August. The experience served as a learning opportunity for the streaming platform.

American Vandal (2017-2018)

American Vandal

“American Vandal” was a satirical series based on a high school prank involving graffiti on teachers’ cars. The show received praise for its unique concept and humor, earning it two seasons. However, a decline in viewership led to its cancellation, with Netflix moving on to other mockumentary projects and shows.

October Faction (2020)

October Faction

“October Faction” catered to fans of supernatural and paranormal themes. The series follows a family of monster hunters who face their demons upon returning to their hometown. Despite its intriguing premise, the show received negative reviews and failed to attract a significant audience, resulting in its cancellation after one season.

The Big Show Show (2020)

The Big Show Show

A Wrestling Star’s Family Life “The Big Show Show” (2020) offers a glimpse into the sensitive side of the wrestling icon, The Big Show. The show portrays him as a loving father to his three teenage daughters and a devoted husband. Although it was canceled after one season and a Christmas special, the series mainly received positive reviews. Common Sense Media described it as “rough, but mostly sweet.” The Big Show expressed his gratitude to Netflix despite the cancellation.

Hit & Run (2021)

One of the best thriller Netflix shows

In the list of discontinued Netflix shows, another promising Thriller, “Hit & Run,” generated high anticipation as a solid thriller. The show revolved around a man seeking justice after his wife’s death in a hit-and-run incident. Along the way, he discovers her involvement in a dangerous world. While the plot had potential, mixed reviews criticized certain scenes’ acting and pacing, causing viewers confusion. The series received a range of feedback; some found it suspenseful, while others found it dull.

Away (2020)


Surviving in Outer Space “Away” (2020) explores the challenges faced by astronauts when they venture into outer space. It is one of the best Netflix shows revolves around astronauts. The show follows a diverse crew from different countries as they embark on a three-year mission to explore the depths of space. With a cool concept and positive reviews from third-party analytics, the show had a good chance. However, Netflix’s algorithm determined that it should be canceled after four weeks of airing.

The Break with Michelle Wolf (2018)

The break with Michelle Wolf

A Feminine Take on Weekly News “The Break with Michelle Wolf” (2018) was another weekly news show that coincided with Joel McHale’s series. The show, hosted by Michelle Wolf, tackled politics and societal issues, garnering attention for her unique feminine perspective. Despite the buzz surrounding the show, it needed to gather a sufficiently large audience, resulting in its cancellation.

Iron Fist (2017)

Iron Fist

A Superhero Series Comes to an End “Iron Fist” (2017), a Marvel Studios adaptation series, disappointed many fans when it was not renewed for another season. The show followed the story of Danny Rand as he reclaimed his past and fought formidable foes. Like some other Netflix shows, after two seasons, the production team decided to conclude the series due to declining viewership. Netflix expressed appreciation to the fans and crew while continuing to promote the show on their platform.

The Characters (2016)

The Characters

“The Characters” (2016) was an early attempt to create an entirely improvised special where actors and comedians had complete autonomy for 30 minutes. The show featured various characters with unique quirks, aiming to entertain the audience. Despite eliciting laughter, the series was not renewed for another season. Netflix never provided an official statement explaining the decision.

The Get Down (2017)

The Get Down

“The Get Down” was a highly anticipated show that explored the lives of young African American and Afro-Latino teenagers in the South Bronx. It focused on their love for hip-hop and the emerging music scene. Despite its promising premise, the show faced behind-the-scenes drama and incurred high production costs, leading to its cancellation.

Gypsy (2017)


When Therapy Gets Complicated Have you ever been to therapy and found your therapist attractive? That’s exactly what happens in the 2017 show “Gypsy.” Starring Naomi Watts as a New York psychologist, the series takes a twist when she becomes intrigued with some of her patients and forms relationships with them. Despite a great premise and a theme song by the legendary musician Stevie Nicks, the show didn’t last long. It received mixed reviews and was canceled by Netflix after just six weeks and focused on other shows.

Chambers (2019)

Chambers is one of the best drama  Netflix shows

Dark Secrets of a Transplant In “Chambers,” Uma Thurman stars in a new-age drama series about a young woman who receives a heart transplant and wants to thank her donor. However, she discovers eerie and disturbing facts that haunt her. Despite having a star actress and an intriguing plot, the show was canceled by Netflix in June of the same year due to a lack of promotion and viewership.

Grand Army (2020)

Grand Army

Coming-of-Age in Brooklyn “Grand Army” was highly anticipated as it portrayed the lives of teenagers in Brooklyn. The show received average reviews and critiques for its coming-of-age storyline and performances. While it received few negative comments, positive feedback was also lacking. As a result, the show was canceled, and its future opportunities were cut short.

Spinning Out (2020)

Spinning out

Balancing Dreams and Personal Life “Spinning Out” focused on an Olympic figure skater trying to balance her professional dreams with her personal life. Despite having a positive trajectory, the show was canceled after just one month of airing. Mixed reviews and competition with other shows likely contributed to its downfall.

All About the Washingtons (2018)

All About The Washingtons

Rev. Run, known for his music career and reality TV, starred in “All About the Washingtons” alongside his real-life wife, Justine. The show followed Justine’s career pursuit while Rev. Run became a stay-at-home dad after retiring from the music industry. Despite having a star like Rev. Run, the show received lukewarm reviews and lacked depth and relevance, leading to its cancellation after just one season.

Marvel’s Luke Cage (2016)

Marvel's Luke Cage

The Harlem Hero “Marvel’s Luke Cage” gained a lot of attention for its portrayal of the dramatic character from the Marvel universe. The series follows Luke Cage, an ex-con turned neighborhood celebrity who fights threats to Harlem and protects its people. Despite a dedicated fan base, the show was canceled after just two seasons due to reported “creative differences” between the producers and Netflix.

Marco Polo (2014)

Marco Polo

Adventures in Asia “Marco Polo” depicted the exciting life of the famous explorer in the court of Kublai Khan. The show included political power struggles, sexual encounters, and warfare. Despite running for two full seasons, Netflix decided not to renew it for a third season, reportedly due to the significant production costs that outweighed the show’s profitability.

The Irregulars (2021)

Mysteries in Victorian London “The Irregulars” delves into Victorian London’s mysteries, with three teenagers helping Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson solve cases involving ghoulish demons. The show seemed promising with its mystic elements, dark fantasy, and popularity as a spin-off of a well-known story. However, it was not renewed for another season due to low viewership.

No Good Nick (2019)

A Revengeful Deception “No Good Nick” is a little-known series that didn’t receive much marketing. The plot revolves around a young girl who arrives at a couple’s doorstep, claiming to be an orphan and related to them. However, it turns out she’s lying and has a hidden agenda for revenge. With low viewership and mediocre reviews, the show gained little traction and was ultimately canceled.

Cowboy Bebop (2021)

Adventures in Space, Based on the popular comic, “Cowboy Bebop,” follows the intergalactic adventures of friends, bounty hunts, and wars. While the star cast received praise for their performances, the series faced criticism for its editing, writing sequences, and special effects, and these criticisms led to its cancellation.

White Lines (2020)

A Chaotic Mystery, “White Lines” lasted only one season before being canceled by Netflix. The show followed a young woman investigating her brother’s disappearance and getting entangled in a web of crime and fear. While praised for its plot, the series needed to generate more viewership to warrant a second season.

Friends from College (2017)

One of the best Netflix shows based on friendship

Navigating Friendship in Adulthood “Friends from College” explores friends’ lives in their forties as they reminisce and navigate new challenges in their long-term friendships. After two seasons, the show was canceled due to decreasing viewership.

One Day at a Time (2017)

A Family-Oriented Comedy “One Day at a Time” (2017) featured a Cuban-American family and their single mother facing life’s challenges in a new location. Despite positive reviews over three seasons, the show did not garner enough viewership to justify a fourth season on Netflix. However, it found a new home on a different network called Pop.

Chelsea (2016)

A Talk Show Pioneer “Chelsea” was comedian Chelsea Handler’s talk show, the first Netflix show of this kind. Covering various topics from politics to pop culture, Handler used her witty humor to entertain audiences. However, the overwhelming nature of the topics eventually led her to step away from the show.

The OA (2018)

One of the best mystery Netflix shows

A Mysterious Disappearance “The OA” (2018) was a unique series created by Brit Marling, who also starred in the show. It followed her fictional character as she faced questions from her family and the FBI after a seven-year disappearance. Despite its creative and intriguing plot, the show was canceled due to high production costs and low viewership.

Country Comfort (2021)

A Wholesome TV Show, “Country Comfort” (2021), presented itself as wholesome, but it fell short of expectations for many viewers. While it won a Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Cinematography for a Multi-Camera Series, the overall reception was moderate. The show was considered funny, with witty banter and an easy-going cast, but it was criticized as typical and predictable. Ultimately, it needed to generate more interest for a second season.

She’s Gotta Have It (2017)

A Journey of Balance “She’s Gotta Have It” was a series based on Spike Lee’s original movie from 1986. It followed a young woman in Brooklyn, trying to find balance in her family, friends, and career while searching for the right partner. Despite lasting two seasons, the show struggled to maintain viewership across different demographics.

Altered Carbon (2019)

Cyberpunk Adventures’ “Altered Carbon” became a hit among sci-fi fans for its cyberpunk setting and thrilling storyline. The show featured different actors playing the main character, Takeshi Kovacs, in different seasons. Despite its popularity, Netflix has not provided a specific reason for its cancellation.

Insatiable (2018)

Revenge and Transformation “Insatiable” shocked audiences with its controversial storyline about an overweight girl who transforms to seek revenge on those who bullied her. Netflix did not provide an apparent reason for the cancellation, but it is believed that the show needed to attract more viewers to merit a third season.

Girlboss (2017)

Missed Potential for a Women-Centric Series “Girlboss” faced cancellation in 2017 due to several significant reasons, including mixed reviews, lack of direction, weak storyline, and conflicts among the producers and cast. The show aimed to embrace the social movement surrounding women and entrepreneurship but needed to resonate more effectively. As some actors sought creative control, the possibility of a second season vanished, and “Girlboss” ended.

Merry Happy Whatever (2019)

In 2019, the comedy series Merry Happy Whatever debuted, featuring Denis Quaid as the patriarch of a family trying to navigate the hectic holiday season. Despite having his family by his side, the show failed to attract a significant audience. Netflix’s cancellation algorithm determined that Merry Happy Whatever didn’t generate enough popularity for another season. The Netflix show’s cancellation was confirmed when the producer discreetly shared the news on Instagram.

The Order” (2019)

Magicians and Werewolves “The Order” catered to fans of mystics, magic, and werewolves, and it revolved around a group of magicians at odds with werewolves. While the show had a dedicated fan base, it was not renewed for a third season due to undisclosed reasons.

Jupiter’s Legacy (2021)

It is one of the best superhero Netflix shows

Superheroes and Family Ties “Jupiter’s Legacy” premiered on Netflix shows in 2021 but was later canceled, disappointing many superhero fans. The show depicted Josh Duhamel as The Utopian, the leader of a team of superpowered individuals who are also his family and friends. However, the cancellation served as a prelude to a spin-off show focused on the villains called “Supercrooks,” expanding the universe of “Jupiter’s Legacy.”

Seven Seconds (2018)

Powerful Crime Drama “Seven Seconds” (2018), a gripping crime drama, significantly impacted its release. The series portrayed the story of a young African American boy involved in a hit-and-run with a Caucasian-American police officer, highlighting themes of social injustice. Despite positive reviews and Regina King’s stellar performance, the show was canceled after one season, leaving on a high note.

Disjointed (2017)

Laughter and Life Lessons “Disjointed” (2017) offered an enjoyable and comedic experience centered around the lives of cannabis enthusiasts. The series followed a lifelong advocate for marijuana legalization who fulfilled her dream of opening a cannabis dispensary in Los Angeles. Despite its initial success, the show gradually lost its momentum, leading to its cancellation after two “season premieres.” The decision surprised prolific producer Chuck Lorre, known for his long-running shows.

The Good Cop (2018)

One of the best crime show of Netflix shows

“The Good Cop” was a fast-paced crime show that relied on witty banter between its characters. Also, it is among the best Netflix shows in this series. Starring Tony Danza, Josh Groban, and Isiah Whitlock Jr., the series followed an odd father-son duo who used their NYPD connections to solve cases. While the show had its fans, the creator cited vague reasons for its cancellation, leaving fans surprised.

Cursed (2020)

A Medieval Tale Released in 2020, “Cursed” captivated fans of medieval times and heroic quests. The series revolves around Katherine Langford’s character, a teenage sorceress who joins forces with the legendary King Arthur to save her people. Although the journey was captivating, the show received mixed reviews from critics. The fate of a second season remains uncertain, putting Katherine’s sentimental journey on hold.

Turn Up Charlie (2019)

A DJ’s Redemption “Turn Up Charlie” (2019) starred Idris Elba as a burned-out former DJ who finds redemption by becoming a “manny” for a famous friend’s daughter. The show initially attracted attention due to Elba’s star power and intriguing plot. However, Netflix determined that the viewership did not meet expectations, leading to its cancellation. Unfortunately, “Turn Up Charlie” did not receive a second season.

Astronomy Club: The Sketch Show (2019)

Featuring a talented ensemble of comedians including Monique Moses, Ray Cordova, James III, Shawtane Bowen, Caroline Martin, Monique Moses, Jerah Milligan, and Keisha Zollar, Astronomy Club: The Sketch Show (2019) gained a devoted following with their live comedy performances. The show, however, met an unexpected end when Netflix decided not to renew it, despite receiving positive reviews from critics. Viewers were surprised and disappointed that the show was abruptly abandoned after six months of laughter.

Next in Fashion (2020)

Next in Fashion (2020), a reality competition show, allowed aspiring fashion designers to showcase their skills and become the next big name in the industry. Led by co-host Tan France, the series aimed to uncover hidden talents. However, the show struggled to attract viewers, possibly due to poor marketing or a lack of interest in watching the process of creating clothing. Despite the promising concept, the designers needed to explain why the show was abruptly canceled.

Haters Back Off (2016)

Haters Back Off (2016) depicted the fictional YouTube sensation Miranda Sings, played by a charismatic Colleen Ballinger. Miranda gained popularity in the vlogging community by confidently discussing hot topics, pop culture, makeup, and anything that came to her mind. The show had the potential to compete with other successful series, but Netflix canceled it due to its high production costs outweighing its financial returns.

AJ and the Queen (2020)

AJ and the Queen (2020) showcased renowned drag queen RuPaul as a struggling performer named Ruby Red, traveling across the United States with a 10-year-old stowaway named AJ. Despite having a star like RuPaul, the show’s viewership was low. After airing for only eight weeks, both RuPaul and the show’s creator announced on Twitter that Netflix had decided not to continue the journey of AJ and the Queen and started working on other shows.

I Am Not Okay With This (2020)

The show presented a compelling story set in high school, featuring a young protagonist dealing with uncontrollable powers, family issues, and a secret crush on her best friend. The show received positive feedback, leading to the commission of a second season. Unfortunately, the production was halted due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Insiders reported that despite shooting the second season, Netflix deemed it insufficient to justify the production costs.

Soundtrack (2019)

The Soundtrack, a musical series that premiered in 2019, followed the lives of various individuals in Los Angeles as they expressed themselves through heartfelt songs and soulful dance. Although the show had a compelling plot and a talented cast, it failed to make an impact. After its premiere, Soundtrack received minimal reviews, garnered little attention, and had low viewership. Creator Joshua Safran expressed his disappointment, stating that the show disappeared without a trace.

These Netflix shows may have had their moments, but they didn’t get the chance to continue their stories on Netflix for various reasons. Nevertheless, they have left their mark in the entertainment world, captivating audiences for the time they were on air.

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