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iphone clone image: iPhone 14 for less than 6000 rs

This iPhone 14 Pro Max Will Cost You Less Than 6000rs: Know the Full Story Here

Every time Apple company launches a new iPhone, it gains so much popularity among smartphone buyers. Existing customers of iPhones want to upgrade their phones, and those who haven’t bought iPhones yet are planning to purchase new ones. But wait is is true to get iPhone 14 for less than 6000rs? Keep reading to know more about it.

The cost of iPhone 14, 14 pros and 14 pro max are respectively 80000, 120000, 150000. Due to its high price, many buyers need help to afford this iPhone. But what if you get the latest iPhone 14 for less than 6000rs? I know you will buy it. So here is the full story of cheap iPhones available on the internet.

What is an iPhone clone?

Whenever apple launches a new iPhone, many Chinese companies make a clone of that latest iPhone, which exactly looks like the iPhone. They copied the design of iPhones and made iPhones with their raw material.

The clone of the iPhone looks exactly like an iPhone, and many customers need help to differentiate between the original and the clone.

Price of iPhone Clones

The price of iPhone clones starts from 1,999 to 14,999, depending on factors like iPhone model, features, quality, and seller. You can also buy refurbished duplicate iPhones at half the original price.

Where to buy duplicate iPhones?

You will not find these iPhone clones either on Flipkart or on Amazon. To buy these clones, you need to find some Chinese eCommerce websites. You can also purchase them from a local market where these phones are available.

Another side of the iPhone clone

China is known for making identical products of popular products; they make duplicate products of the iPhone and every popular product. You can find duplicate products of apple products like apple watches, fit bands, AirPods, iPads, and MacBooks.

Many people buy these clone products just for fun and to do pranks on their friends. These duplicate products can look exactly like the original one, but you won’t get features like the real one. These products’ quality is so low that they only last for a while. People use them just as a showpiece.

In the local market, many iPhone sellers will give you a clone or duplicate mobiles to buyers; since there is no refund policy on those sold products, they refuse to provide a refund. Many customers became victims of this type of fraud.

Now you that How iPhone 14 for less than 6000rs. So the takeaway is to learn to differentiate between a real iPhone and an iPhone so that you never fall into such traps. If you want iPhone, then purchase from reputed sites or shops, and if you have an iPhone for fun, you can use iPhone clones.

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