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50 Best Anime Recommendations For All Genres

best anime recommendations

Anime refers to animation that originated in Japan. The word “anime” is an abbreviation of “animation.” It is an animated version of the manga, a comic book made in Japan. In anime, the stories are very complex, and the characters are emotionally developed, which is quite different from the other animated programs.

It has become a major source of entertainment not only in Japan but worldwide. It is said that the first anime was released in 1917. Some popular anime are also produced in South Korea, which is much different from Japanese anime as it is based on manhwa, the general Korean term for comics and novels. In this article, I will give you some of the best anime recommendations for all genres, read the full article to know about them. Before heading towards the main course of the article let me know about the types of Anime.

There are four types of anime demographics targeting different age groups.

1 Shonen

Shonen is the category of anime that mainly targets teen boys. This anime is commonly action-packed and includes friendship, tragedy, and comedy. The majority of shonen anime have male protagonists and teams. Some popular animes belong to this category, including Naruto, One Piece, Bleach, My hero academia, dragon ball, etc.

2 Seinen 

In Japanese, it means “youth.” Compared with shonen, it includes a more mature theme and targets older youth. It seems more violent, realistic, and philosophical and can confuse young boys.

 3 Shoujo

Shoujo targets adolescent females and young women. It generally includes romance and relationships. The love theme remains constant here. Some shoujo animes are: Say I love you, Your lie in April, Maid Sama, and Ao Haru ride.

4 Josei 

Josei means older women in Japan. Anime that is marketed to an audience of young adult women is josei anime. It includes female protagonists and more mature topics than shoujo anime, such as abuse, love, and complicated relationships. 

  • Kodomomuke is also a type of anime made for kids; we all watched it in childhood.

All these types are classified for different age groups, but it depends on your choice of what you like to watch. 

There are different types of genres if you are an enthusiastic anime weeb. Every anime is based on a specific genre; today, a wide range of anime is available in different genres. But do you even know all of them? If not, I explained and summarized all the popular genres to match your interest and will help beginners to know anime and their genres. This will guide the beginners and help them explore their interests, and if you are consistent in watching anime, you may find some more interesting genres you would like to watch.

Some popular genres of anime are;

  • Adventure
  • Action
  • Fantasy
  • Comedy
  • Drama
  • Supernatural
  • Mystery
  • Horror
  • Psychological
  • Thriller
  • Sci-fi
  • Romance

If you are looking for the best anime recommendations for each genre, we will discuss them below;

Best Anime Recommendations for All genres

  • Adventure 

In adventure anime, the protagonist or groups keeps moving from one place to another to accomplish their goals and face many unfamiliar situations and dangers in the journey. 

Recommended shows-

1. Naruto                         

2.Hunter x hunter

3. Black clover

4. Made in Abyss

5. Fairytail

6. One piece

  • Action

 In this genre, you’ll be witnessing thrilling battles and action-packed fight scenes.

Recommended shows-

  1. Attack on Titan
  2. Bleach
  3. My hero academia
  4. Tokyo Ghoul
  5. Demon slayer
  • Fantasy

Fantasy genre-based anime takes place in different, unique, and imaginary worlds. It includes superpowers and action but is not totally action based; it sets its way to a speculative fictional world involving magical elements. 

Recommended shows- 

  1. Overlord 
  2. Vampire knight
  3. Gintama
  4. Dragon ball Z
  5. Black butler
  • Comedy Anime Recommendations

A comedy genre-based anime includes a humorous character that is funny and cheerful and mostly ends with a happy ending. It is dramatic and results in a happy conclusion. 

Recommended shows-

  1. Grand Blue
  2. Asobi as base
  3. Kaguya sama love is war
  4. Spy x family
  5. Gintama 
  • Drama

This category of the genre tends to be more serious than humorous one. It includes serious elements and discussion and does not belong to any other genre than is considered drama.

Recommended shows-

  1. 91 days
  2. Fire force
  3. Classroom of the elite
  4. Platinum end
  5. Yuri on ice
  • Supernatural 

The supernatural genre includes those elements that are not scientifically understandable and tend to be opposite of the world’s rules. It can include demons, ghosts, god, souls, angels, and anything extraordinary.

Recommended shows-

  1. Jujutsu kaizen
  2. Bleach
  3. Mob Psycho 100
  4. Call of the night
  5. Chainsaw man 
  6. Demon slayer
  • Mystery

In the mystery genre, the characters solve the unresolved questions that get in their way from someone’s past or to learn the truth. It also includes spying and detectives. 

Recommended Anime-

  1. Death note
  2. Summertime rendering
  3. Tokyo Ghoul
  4. Death Parade
  5. The promise neverland
  • Horror

This genre tends to be frightening scary, dark, and disgusting, including ghosts and demons.

Recommended shows-

  1. Parasyte the maxim
  2. Blue exorcist
  3. Blood-c
  4. Another
  5. Berserk
  • Psychological

Psychological thriller anime series focuses more on the mental state of the characters and audience; every step the characters take makes the story more twisted.

Recommended shows-

  1. Steins gate
  2. Classroom of elite
  3. Parasyte the maxim
  4. Psycho- pass
  5. Odd taxi
  • Thriller

This genre involves suspense and crime with an exciting plot twist.

Recommended Anime-

  1. Erased
  2. Future diary
  3. Code Geass
  4. Monster
  5. Another
  • Sci-fi

This genre represents science fiction, including innovations, futuristic concepts, and a highly advanced, scientifically developed background.

Recommended shows-

  1. Darling in the franxx
  2. Full metal alchemist brotherhood
  3. Steins gate
  4. Code Geass
  5. Gurren Lagann
  • Romance Anime Recommendations

The romance genre focuses on the romantic relationship and love between two people that is emotionally satisfying. It also includes a love triangle.

Recommended shows-

  1. Say I love you
  2. Horimiya
  3. Blue spring ride
  4. My dress up, darling
  5. Your lie in April

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This iPhone 14 Pro Max Will Cost You Less Than 6000rs: Know the Full Story Here

iphone clone image: iPhone 14 for less than 6000 rs

Every time Apple company launches a new iPhone, it gains so much popularity among smartphone buyers. Existing customers of iPhones want to upgrade their phones, and those who haven’t bought iPhones yet are planning to purchase new ones. But wait is is true to get iPhone 14 for less than 6000rs? Keep reading to know more about it.

The cost of iPhone 14, 14 pros and 14 pro max are respectively 80000, 120000, 150000. Due to its high price, many buyers need help to afford this iPhone. But what if you get the latest iPhone 14 for less than 6000rs? I know you will buy it. So here is the full story of cheap iPhones available on the internet.

What is an iPhone clone?

Whenever apple launches a new iPhone, many Chinese companies make a clone of that latest iPhone, which exactly looks like the iPhone. They copied the design of iPhones and made iPhones with their raw material.

The clone of the iPhone looks exactly like an iPhone, and many customers need help to differentiate between the original and the clone.

Price of iPhone Clones

The price of iPhone clones starts from 1,999 to 14,999, depending on factors like iPhone model, features, quality, and seller. You can also buy refurbished duplicate iPhones at half the original price.

Where to buy duplicate iPhones?

You will not find these iPhone clones either on Flipkart or on Amazon. To buy these clones, you need to find some Chinese eCommerce websites. You can also purchase them from a local market where these phones are available.

Another side of the iPhone clone

China is known for making identical products of popular products; they make duplicate products of the iPhone and every popular product. You can find duplicate products of apple products like apple watches, fit bands, AirPods, iPads, and MacBooks.

Many people buy these clone products just for fun and to do pranks on their friends. These duplicate products can look exactly like the original one, but you won’t get features like the real one. These products’ quality is so low that they only last for a while. People use them just as a showpiece.

In the local market, many iPhone sellers will give you a clone or duplicate mobiles to buyers; since there is no refund policy on those sold products, they refuse to provide a refund. Many customers became victims of this type of fraud.

Now you that How iPhone 14 for less than 6000rs. So the takeaway is to learn to differentiate between a real iPhone and an iPhone so that you never fall into such traps. If you want iPhone, then purchase from reputed sites or shops, and if you have an iPhone for fun, you can use iPhone clones.

iPhone 12 Vs iPhone 13: Which one you should buy?

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How To Order 1Rs Products in Flipkart BB Day Sale in 2022

1rs products flipkart

In this Big Billion Days sale you can get Flipkart products at 1Rs. Flipkart is offering products at just Rs1 in this big billion sale of 2022. These products are genuine and high quality; you can also buy products from Flipkart’s superstore.

In the next section of this article, I will reveal how you can order these Flipkart products at 1rs. This article is going to be very helpful and money-saving for you.

How to Order Flipkart Products at 1Rs

What is Flipkart’s Rs1 Superstore?

Flipkart has a dedicated section in its platform named 1 rs super store. You can access this store by going to the super coin section.

In this store, you will find many deals on clothes, gadgets, and other items. You can buy these products from 1rs plus super coins( super coins are Flipkart’s reward points which you will get when you purchase products from Flipkart).

Suppose a product costs Rs.500; you need 499 super coins plus 1rs to purchase that item.

How To Get Super coins for Free?

Flipkart will give you super coins on your purchases. And there are some other ways to get free super coins. It includes participating in various challenges and tasks. You can play games on Flipkart to earn super coins.

The benefit of having lots of super coins is numerous. You can redeem your super coin by exchanging it with other rewards like Sony Liv, Hotstar, Zee5, Youtube Premium and Voot Subscription.

This year’s Flipkart Big Billion Sale is scheduled from 23rd September to 30th September, and users will get a massive discount during this sale period. If you plan to do some shopping, it can be the best time to get your desired products.

Flipkart offers many exciting discounts and rewards for their user. Prices of iPhone 12 and iPhone 13 will also drop in this sale. You can even win an iPhone 12 in Flipkart’s game zone.

You can check our latest article on how to win an iPhone 12 in this Flipkart sale to know more about this.

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How To Make Your Instagram Reels Go Viral in 2023

instagram reels viral video

Are you struggling to viral your reel videos on Instagram? You know how it feels when you create content with so much passion, but your videos do not get the right audience. It is frustrating, but I am here to help you. I wrote this article for content creators like you. This article will tell you how to make your Instagram Reels go viral in 2023.

I am sharing five tips to get more views on reel videos. Some famous Instagram Experts give these tips. Follow these tips to viral your reel videos.

Create Relatable and Unique Content

Some Instagram experts say relatable Instagram reels get more shares than standard videos. They perform better than any other video. So whenever you plan your content, you should remember these stats. Make a reel video to which your viewers can relate or make a unique video that will amaze every one of the viewers with relatable content. When people started sharing your Instagram reels go viral withing some days.

Use Instagram Hashtags

Find some relatable Instagram hashtags with over 100k posts, make a list of up to 20 hashtags, and use them in your reel video. Instagram reels with more than 11 hashtags have better engagement and reach than regular reel videos. You can download apps like hashtag manager to find relatable and high-volume hashtags for your videos. These apps will make a list of hashtag sets for you by just typing the topic of your video.

Trending Song

Instagram loves to show videos of trending songs; whenever people post a reel with viral songs or trending songs, they will reach a new audience. Your job is to find such viral songs on Instagram and post your Reel video. A trick to finding viral songs is to watch some reel videos. Once you find some viral songs, think about how you can use them in your video.

Video Resolution

Instagram will give priority to high-resolution videos to boost reach. A low-quality video which has less clarity is difficult to watch. That’s why Instagram prefer high-resolution video. Shoot your video with a high-megapixel camera in the presence of decent light.

Eye Catching Thumbnail

The first attention of Instagram users comes to the Reels cover. If you optimized your cover photo well, you could also get many views from Instagram Explorer. A high-quality thumbnail with some curious text will help your video to get views.

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How To Get First 1000 Subscribers on Youtube?

how to get 1000 subscribers on youtube

Are you looking for ways to get the first 1000 subscribers on Youtube? That’s great; you are at the right place here; in this blog, you will learn how to get increased subscribers on youtube.

Suppose you recently started your Youtube channel and now thinking about monetizing your channel. In that case, you don’t need to worry about it. This blog will cover how you can get your first 1000 subscribers on Youtube and monetize your channel.

I will share the 5 most proven ways to get genuine subscribers on Youtuber, which will not include any hack or trick. This article is written after doing a good amount of research. It is a well-written article and a specific manner that you can understand each method easily.

5 Proven Ways To Get First 100 Subscriber On Youtube

1 Upload Shorts Videos

Youtube Shorts will make your video viral across its platform. You need to post many small duration videos on Shorts. The algorithm of Youtube shorts will make videos virals. All you need to do is make videos on viral topics and upload them to Youtube Shorts. After some time, your videos will get viral and bring many new subscribers. This will help you in achieving the 100 subscribers milestone within a period of time.

2 Make Trending Videos

The algorithm of Youtube is made in such a way that it promotes videos on recent trending topics. As the CTR (Click Through Rate ) of your video impression, your video will get more views. More views mean more channel visits, ultimately converting them into a subscriber. It would be best if you designed your Youtube profile interestingly. So If you don’t have a particular theme on your Youtube channel, then you can use this tip to

3 Share Videos On Facebook Groups

Sharing your Youtube videos on Facebook will get you lakhs of views if you do it in particular ways. That means you will get more viewers and lead to subscriber growth.

4 Promote Your Videos On Youtube

You can use Youtube advertisements to promote your videos to get subscribers. One thing you should remember while promoting your videos is to use an eye-catching thumbnail to bring
viewers to your channel. Also, give a clear CTA ( Call To Action) of subscribing to your channel. This way, you can convert those viewers to subscribers.

5 Learn Youtube SEO To Rank Your Video On Search Result

Youtube SEO (Search Engine Optimization) will help your videos to rank on top of the search result. Most YouTubers ignore SEO and focus on uploading videos and hope that someday their video will go viral and they will get many subscribers. But this is not happening all the time; you need to learn some SEO skills to get ranked on search results and get subscribers.

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