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How to Get Free Amazon Prime Subscription?

Currently, Amazon Prime is one the most popular services of Amazon. According to a report, there are more than 200 million users of Amazon Prime. However, most people can’t afford its Membership. So this article features how you can get a free Amazon Prime subscription.

Amazon Prime membership has many benefits, such as music, games, videos, reading materials, fast deliveries, etc. Other than these, there are many more advantages of prime Membership. However, if you want to avail its prime Membership, then the following 3 plans are available. 

  • Monthly plan – INR 179
  • Quarterly plan – INR 259
  • Yearly plan – INR 1499

Still, you do not need to spend extra to get an Amazon Prime membership, as we will tell you some of the best tricks to have a prime subscription.

Ways to get a Free Amazon Prime Subscription

  1. Get a free subscription with Airtel recharge plans
  2. Get a free membership with Jio Fiber
  3. Free 30-day trial by Amazon
  4. Get a free subscription with Paytm cashback points
  5. Free Membership with Tata Play Binge Combo

1. Free Amazon Prime Membership with Airtel Recharge plans

After knowing the rapid evolution of Amazon, many different types of companies have collaborated with Amazon to give some exciting offers and services. Airtel has done the same, and it offers free Amazon membership plans with some of its prepaid and postpaid plans. 

In prepaid plans, Airtel provides free prime Membership with 3 different plans and which are

  • 28 days plan – INR 359
  • 56 days plan – INR 699
  • 84 days plan – INR 999

With these recharge plans, you can avail of every Amazon Prime service for free. Apart from these, you can also enjoy some services provided by Airtel, such as hello tunes, wynk music, podcasts, etc.

Moreover, Airtel also provides free prime subscription on some selected plans for their postpaid customers. Additionally, Airtel also offers free Airtel XStream premium and Disney+Hotstar membership. 

Additionally, you can avail free Amazon Prime with Airtel Thanks App. For that, you only need to follow some credentials.

2. Get a free Amazon Prime subscription with Jio

After Airtel pairs up with Amazon, Jio also joins the way. Jio also offers you free prime Membership of Amazon with some of its selected plans. However, Jio only provides this free service on a few specified broadband and postpaid plans. There is no such service for prepaid plans. 

You can take the benefits of prime Membership on some chosen postpaid plans starting from INR 399 up to INR 1499. Besides, you can also get free Membership of Netflix and Disney + Hotstar VIP on a few plans.

Similarly, the other way you can get a Free Amazon Prime Subscription is with broadband plans. Some of the plans that provide free access to Amazon Prime are

  • 30 Days Plan – INR 999 + GST ( Data – Unlimited at 150 Mbps)
  • 30 Days Plan – INR 1499 + GST ( Data – Unlimited at 300 Mbps)

3. Free 30 Day trial by Amazon

For new users, Amazon offers a 30-day free trial of their Prime Membership. To avail of this offer, open the Amazon app and then go to the Prime section. Then you have to tap on the free trial option. After that, you need to pay INR 2 ( this charge is refundable).

Remember one thing, after the completion of a free trial; you will be auto-charged INR 1499 per year. However, you can cancel this plan anytime, whenever you want. 

4. Get a membership of Amazon Prime for free with Paytm cashback points

Paytm lets you avail the benefits of a free Amazon Prime Subscription for 1 month and 3 months. You can find this offer in their cashback and offers section. You need to redeem your Paytm cashback points for prime Membership.

However, you need to earn Paytm cashback points first, and it’s not a difficult task. You can achieve these points by paying your bills, doing transactions, etc. Once you have collected sufficient cashback points, you are ready to redeem these points for your prime Membership.

The more cashback points you get, the more will be the duration of your prime subscription. Currently, Paytm offers a prime subscription for two different periods and which is

  • 1 Month Membership – 17000 Cashback points
  • 3 Month Membership – 43500 Cashback points

However, you can only get the benefits of this offer till 29th December 2022. After that, the offers get invalid. 

5. Free Membership with Tata Play Binge Combo

Currently, Tata Play is among the cheapest OTT platforms that provide many benefits with its subscription plan. Their monthly plan starts with INR 399 and offers the services of 14+ OTT platforms and TV channels you wish.

Among Tata Play’s 14+ OTT platforms, one is a free Amazon Prime subscription which you can avail yourself of. You can also use other big OTT platforms such as Disney + Hotstar, Zee5, Voot Select, Sony Liv, etc.

Bonus Tip: There is one more way to avail the prime Membership of Amazon with no additional cost. So what’s that way? The answer is Toolsninja.

Toolsninja can be beneficial if you are associated with Digital Marketing because this service provides various tools at a low cost that Marketers can use. So for them, it’s a bonus to get a free Amazon prime subscription without spending extra. The detail of the three packages provided by Toolsninja is as follows.

  • All in one package – INR 549/month
  • Blogger’s package – INR 379/month
  • Designer’s package – INR 349/month 


So the ways mentioned above are among the best ways to get a free Amazon Prime Subscription. Now you can easily enjoy your prime Membership of Amazon without spending a single penny directly on Amazon. I hope you find this article worth reading and helpful.

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