How To Get Free Minecoins In Minecraft in 2024?

Minecraft is a survival-style game that is becoming popular day by day. Minecoins are the in-game currency of Minecraft, which you need to buy with real cash to make the game more enjoyable. However, this article will help you to get free minecoins in Minecraft. With the help of minecoins, you can purchase unique maps, a variety of skins packs, texture packs, worlds, and boxes. You can purchase these things from the in-game marketplace.

Most Minecraft players don’t have many minecoins in their tally but still desire to explore the in-game marketplace. So, we have come up with methods to get free minecoins in Minecraft.

Methods to Get Free Minecoins in Minecraft

By Selling Your In-Game Creativity

Our first method to obtain free minecoins in the game is by selling your creativity. Minecraft is a game of creative skills. Your success in the game is directly related to your creative abilities. This game allows you to create almost all the items available in their marketplace. If you’re creative, you can create items like complete maps, worlds, weapons, mod packs, and armor. Then you can sell your designed items on the in-game marketplace.

If any other player wants to buy anything you created, they can purchase it from the marketplace, earning you minecoins. The more creative you are, the more free minecoins you earn. Many players obtain free minecoins by selling their own created items. So why spend real money to get minecoins if you know another way to get them for free? For more tips on creative gameplay, check out How to Make a Diamond Helmet in Minecraft.

Most experienced players earn minecoins this way, but beginners might need to think more creatively. That’s all about our first method to get minecoins for free. Now let’s move to the second method.

By Using Third-Party Sites

Another way to obtain free minecoins is with the help of third-party sites like Google Opinion Rewards, Microsoft Rewards, and Prizepoints. Many players use different third-party websites to get minecoins for free. However, be aware of fraud sites that promise to give you minecoins but never actually do. For your convenience, we have selected some of the top sites from which you can earn minecoins for free.

  • Google Opinion Rewards: This site by Google lets you earn Google Play credits just by sharing your opinion. You have to participate in short surveys to earn rewards. You can redeem these rewards to buy minecoins and other items. This way, Google Opinion Rewards can help you get free minecoins in Minecraft.
  • Microsoft Rewards: With Microsoft Rewards, you can gain more minecoins easily. You just have to complete some specific tasks offered by them. You will get rewarded, and then you can purchase minecoins for your Minecraft account. The best part is that you can sign up with the same Microsoft account you use for playing Minecraft.
  • Prizepoints: Here you can get points by enrolling in free surveys. Sometimes you can earn points by watching promotional videos or playing online games. Anyone worldwide can sign up to earn rewards. After that, you can use your accumulated points to buy free minecoins.

Get Free Minecoins After Buying Minecoins for Three Consecutive Days in Minecraft

Most players have no idea about this trick. You can get around 500 free minecoins if you purchase minecoins from the in-game marketplace for three consecutive days. Open the marketplace section in Minecraft, click on buy minecoins, and select the package you want to buy. Repeat this for three days, and you will get your free minecoins.

The Last Line

There are other tricks like emote generators to unlock free minecoins, but I do not recommend using those ways due to the significant risks involved. The methods mentioned in this article are trusted ways to unlock minecoins. Some tricks require money, so think carefully before spending your hard-earned money. Happy gaming!

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