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How To Make Your Instagram Reels Go Viral in 2023

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Are you struggling to viral your reel videos on Instagram? You know how it feels when you create content with so much passion, but your videos do not get the right audience. It is frustrating, but I am here to help you. I wrote this article for content creators like you. This article will tell you how to make your Instagram Reels go viral in 2023.

I am sharing five tips to get more views on reel videos. Some famous Instagram Experts give these tips. Follow these tips to viral your reel videos.

Create Relatable and Unique Content

Some Instagram experts say relatable Instagram reels get more shares than standard videos. They perform better than any other video. So whenever you plan your content, you should remember these stats. Make a reel video to which your viewers can relate or make a unique video that will amaze every one of the viewers with relatable content. When people started sharing your Instagram reels go viral withing some days.

Use Instagram Hashtags

Find some relatable Instagram hashtags with over 100k posts, make a list of up to 20 hashtags, and use them in your reel video. Instagram reels with more than 11 hashtags have better engagement and reach than regular reel videos. You can download apps like hashtag manager to find relatable and high-volume hashtags for your videos. These apps will make a list of hashtag sets for you by just typing the topic of your video.

Trending Song

Instagram loves to show videos of trending songs; whenever people post a reel with viral songs or trending songs, they will reach a new audience. Your job is to find such viral songs on Instagram and post your Reel video. A trick to finding viral songs is to watch some reel videos. Once you find some viral songs, think about how you can use them in your video.

Video Resolution

Instagram will give priority to high-resolution videos to boost reach. A low-quality video which has less clarity is difficult to watch. That’s why Instagram prefer high-resolution video. Shoot your video with a high-megapixel camera in the presence of decent light.

Eye Catching Thumbnail

The first attention of Instagram users comes to the Reels cover. If you optimized your cover photo well, you could also get many views from Instagram Explorer. A high-quality thumbnail with some curious text will help your video to get views.

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How To Get More Followers On Instagram in 2023

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This article will give you the top 5 most effective tips to get more followers on Instagram account. Currently Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms among Genz. GenZ is now spending more time on Instagram than watching Television.

Instagram has a lot of cool features apart from sharing pictures. After the TikTok ban in India, Instagram rolls out the Reel feature, allowing users to make cool videos. Reels have many filters and audio, which help users to create their videos.

Many popular content creators on Instagram already have millions of followers on their accounts. They become famous on Instagram by increasing their followers. If you also want to gain followers on Instagram, read this entire article.

5 Tips To Get More Followers on Instagram

1 Post Valuable Content

If you think you will post some good pictures of yours and get thousands of followers, then I think you might be wrong. Nobody cares about your looks unless you are a celebrity. So stop posting your photos and start sharing some valuable content on your account. You can post funny content as memes, or you can post some informative and educative content. This type of content will get lots of likes, comments, saves, and shares, which will help you to increase your account reach.

2 Use Hashtag

One of the best strategies to increase post engagement and gain followers is to use some relatable hashtags. When you post some valuable content to your account, try to use some relatable and high-volume hashtags on your post. Instagram will show your post to people who are following that hashtags. If they find your Instagram account valuable, then they will follow your account. Some research shows that posts with more than 11 hashtags will have a higher engagement rate than average posts.

3 Upload Reel Video With Trending Song

Reels is a blessing for content creators who posts videos on their account. Many content creators become popular on this platform after their Reel videos go viral. You can also make Reel videos and use trending songs, and there are many chances that your video will go viral.

4 Collaborate With Other Creators

If you find content creators that post similar content, you can collaborate with them to reach their audience. This is what happens when you collaborate with other creators. Instagram has a “Post Collaboration,” which means you can share content with other accounts. Your followers and their follower can both see your content. It will help you to get noticed by their followers. If they found your account interesting and unqiue, they might starting follow you as well.

5 Post Comment on Popular Instagram Accounts

This method is time-consuming to gain organically more followers on Instagram accounts. Find some relatable big Instagram accounts like yours and start following them. As soon as they post new content, you should make a valuable comment on their post. This happens when you do it consistently; your comment on their post will be in the top position, and their followers will visit your profile. It will boost your profile, and you will convert those visitors into followers if you have a decent profile.


Increasing Instagram followers will take time; you must post valuable content consistently. You cannot expect overnight success in Instagram growth. It is all about patience and hard work. It would be best if you did not use shortcuts to grow your Instagram account because these shortcuts will get you banned.