Learn How to get Free CP in Call Of Duty?

CP (short for “Call of Duty Points”) is an in-game currency used to purchase various in-game items, such as weapons, skins, operator outfits, and more. If you are also looking for free CP in Call of Duty, this guide is purely based on your interest.

The game’s immense popularity is due to its beautiful skins, unique characters, and brutal guns. Most amazing items are paid for, and these exceptional items can only be purchased with in-game currency. Fortunately, there are ways to grab CP for free. Let’s discuss them in detail.

Top 3 Ways to get Free CP in Call of Duty

Here are the top 3 ways to get free CP in Call of Duty:

Completing in-game Challenges

Call of Duty offers a variety of challenges for players to complete, such as getting a certain number of kills with a particular weapon, to more complicated ones, like winning matches in specific game modes.

CoD conduct various daily, seasonal, and battle pass challenges. By completing these challenges, players can earn CP rewards.

Participating in Promotions and Events

Call of Duty often hosts promotions and events for a limited time, offering CP as a reward for participating. These events can include double XP weekends, seasonal events, and special limited-time modes.

Players need to keep an eye on announcements from the game and check the ongoing special activities available in the game. Once they find an event or promotion, they can participate and earn their free CP rewards.

Using third-party Apps and Websites

Hundreds of third-party applications and sites offer real cash, but you should be cautious because most sites and apps are fake. Some legitimate options offer real cash for performing tasks like completing surveys, watching videos, or downloading apps. Google Opinion Reward is one of the best examples.

Later you can buy CP from the cash earned with sites. However, players should not fall for scams or give away personal information.

The Bottom Line:

CoD offers hundreds of premium cosmetics like characters, skins, guns and bundles, and every item has its cost. You have to spend a fixed amount to grab your favourite item, which is not viable for every player. So we’ve tried and tested all the freeways and figured out a few practical ways listed above.

That is it for this guide, and I hope you will find this guide helpful. Share your thoughts in the comment section and share the article with your friends.

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