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How To Get Bike Emote in Free Fire Through Glitch File?

Numerous bundles are available in the Free Fire games, some of which are rare and others are not. This guide will share the details about one of the rare bundles, the Cobra Bundle. So you are also a fan of Cobra Bike emote in Free Fire and want to grab it, then be with us till the end.

Generally, most of the items in Free Fire are paid, whether it is characters, bundles or emotes. To grab these items, you have to spend some money. But here at Digibliss, we always try to share the tricks to get the item for free, like Free Gloo Wall Skins, Free Diamonds, etc., and this time we are here to share with you the solution to get Cobra Bundle without spending a single penny.

Read the guide till the end; we will discuss the step-by-step solution of How to get a Bike Emote in Free Fire through Glitch File? 

What are the Free items in Cobra Bundle you get?

Here are the items you will get with the Cobra bundle and the Cobra Bike emote.

  • Male – Cobra Rage Bundle.
  • Female – Cobra Sidekick Bundle.
  • Predator Pulse
  • Ground Punch
  • Motor Bike
  • Backpack
  • Surfboard- Cobra
  • Parachute- Cobra
  • Gloo Wall- Cobra

Steps to get Free Cobra Bike Emote in Free Fire

Step 1: Download the config file of the Cobra Bundle.

Search the Cobra Bundle config file on your chrome browser and download it from the first link.

Step 2: Download the z-archive application from the Play store.

You need to download the z-archive application from the Google Play store to extract the file.

Note: If the downloaded file is in the extracted form, then there is no need to download this app.

Step 3: Extract the zip file through the z-archive application.

Launch the application, browse the downloaded glitch file and extract the zip file.

Step 3: Paste the file into the mobile’s database.

Copy the extracted file, go to the File Manager, and then visit Internal Storage.

In internal Storage, locate the Android Folder. Click on the Android folder and paste the file inside Data Folder.

File Manager > Internal Storage > Android Folder > Data > Paste the File

Step 4: Ready to Go!

Finally, your Free Cobra Bundle is now unlocked. Launch the game and visit the Vault section. Go to the Bundle Selection, and you will find your Cobra Bundle there.

The Bottom Line:

That is all you need to know about the Free Cobra Bundle in Free Fire: follow all the steps carefully and get your favourite bundle without spending your hard-earned money.

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