Flipkart Gift Card Free : 5 Ways to Get it for Free

Everyone loves shopping, and what if I say you can get a free Flipkart Gift Card? Isn’t it interesting? Keep reading this guide, in which we have shared all the necessary information regarding 5 Ways to Get a Free Flipkart Gift Card.

Hundreds of websites and apps give Free Flipkart Gift Cards to complete small tasks. We just shortlisted the top 5 ones.

Gift Card is the best way to save money while shopping on Flipkart.

Scroll a little more to learn about the five apps that give Free Flipkart Gift Cards that you can download and complete easy tasks.

5 Ways to Get a Free Flipkart Gift Card

5. Microsoft Rewards

Ever thought that browser searching can be rewarding? Yes, it’s true in Microsoft Rewards.

Whenever you search on Microsoft Bing or Edge, you will get points. The more you explore, the more you can earn. Along with searching, you can also earn rewards on shopping branded products with the Microsoft store. You will get rewards on your daily login if you have Xbox.

Once you get enough coins, you can quickly transfer the money to your bank.

4. mRewards

mRewards is available on Playstore with 5 Million downloads and 4.3 ratings. It is one of the best apps to make money.

The app gives rewards for playing various games. It offers a variety of games, choose your favorite one and start playing. Along with games, mRewards also deliver small surveys in which you can participate and earn extra reward points.

Later you can redeem the earned points in the Flipkart Gift Card.

But there is a catch with rewards: you can redeem the Gift Cards only when you have a minimum of 1,000 coins. The 1,000 coins are equivalent to Rs 10. Users can redeem their reward coins one time a day.

3. Go Daily App

Coming on the number three, we have another fantastic app that can help you with Free Flipkart Gift Cards, the Go Daily App.

Go Daily App is different from the mrewards as this app rewards you for watching videos and reading news articles. In addition to videos and news, it also gives you a daily login bonus. Go Daily also offers a referral program that gives you fixed reward points for each successful referral.

After having the minimum balance to withdraw, you can now transfer the money to your bank with UPI.

Later you can buy Flipkart Gift Card with your rewarded money.

2. Google Opinion Rewards

Like Microsoft rewards, Google has its Opinion Rewards, in which you have to participate in surveys. Google Opinion Reward offers you a good income on every survey you complete.

The only drawback of Google Opinion Reward is that, the surveys are not regularly available. Weekly, you can get one survey.

Each survey has 3 to 10 questions, and you can earn a minimum of 10 cents and a maximum of $1 through a single survey.

1. The Panel Station

The Panel Station is another platform that gives rewards for completing surveys. The surveys vary on user profile, and every user has asked different questions about their preference.

For completing each survey, the user gets reward points, and after having a minimum of 3,000 points, you can redeem them for Rs 30.

Users can grab more points by inviting their friends and completing profiles.

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