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Genius Uses for Everyday Items

Genius Uses of Household Items

We all have hundreds of items in our houses though sometimes we don’t have the correct item for the specific purpose. Have you ever been stuck for the ketchup bottle opener or troubled by tangled wires? Don’t worry. We are here to solve your day-to-day life problems with everyday household tricks.

Who doesn’t enjoy discovering new uses for everyday household items? We have compiled a collection of household tricks to inspire you. Whether you’re looking for storage hacks or cleaning tips, you will find some exciting ideas here.

List of 35+ Genius Uses of Household Items:

1. Tennis Ball Bottle Opener:

Household Tricks
Image Credit: Family Handyman

Stucked for a bottle opener? Here is the solution.

Cut a Tennis ball into two equal parts with a knife. Now use this half ball to hold the bottle cap and twist it. The ball’s inner part will help you make a tight grip and protect your fingers.

2. Custom Wraps:

Cord Wrap
Image Credit: Family Handyman

Create your own cord wraps using synthetic wine corks and old bungee cords. Now you have to make two holes in the cork through drill, thread the cord through, and tie off the ends. These homemade cord wraps are lightweight and perfect for securing air hoses, wires and other items.

3. Wire Insulation:

Wire Insulator
Image Credit: Family Handyman

Cut one side of the foam pipe and insert all the wires of your desktop and other gadgets. Paint it the color of your wall to make it blend in seamlessly. You can use this insulation for all the naked wires of your house.

4. Shoe Storage:

Shoe Box
Image Credit: Family Handyman

Want to store all your favourite shoes at one place? Here’s one idea: Look for free wine boxes at stores that sell wine. Wine boxes, originally designed to protect glass bottles, are perfect for organizing shoes because they have cardboard dividers already in place.

5. Wrench Caddy:

Image Credit: Family Handyman

Keep your wrenches organized in your toolbox by stringing them onto a large, brightly colored carabiner, which can be found at camping and discount stores. This household item will keep your wrenches together and make them portable and easy to find.

6. Keep the Tape Rolling:

Tape Holder
Image Credit: Family Handyman

Prevent the end of your packing tape from falling through the dispenser slot by slipping a rubber band over the ‘ears’ of the tape dispenser. The tape won’t stick to the rubber, ensuring that it’s always ready to use.

7. Rubber Band and Paperclip Binder:

Household Tricks
Image Credit: Family Handyman

Keep small extension cords neatly organized by attaching a paperclip to a small rubber band. Wrap the rubber band around the bundled cord and clasp the paperclip onto it. No more tangled extension cords!

8. Bobby Pin Nail Holder:

Nail Holder: Household Tricks
Image Credit: Family Handyman

Use a bobby pin as a nail holder when working with tiny nails or in tight spaces. This household item keeps your fingers at a safe distance while hammering.

9. Paper Towel Cord Storage:

Paper Bag for Cord: Household Tricks
Image Credit: Family Handyman

Reuse empty paper towel rolls as cord wranglers. Fold small extension cords neatly and slip them into their own individual storage sleeve. You can store multiple cords and even label the cords by writing on the cardboard.

10. Tiny Dustpan:

Household Tricks
Image Credit: Family Handyman

Do you have some aluminium or plastic plates at your home? Create a quick disposable dustpan out of an aluminium pie plate. Cut it into two equal parts with scissors, and you have two tiny dustpans ready. Sweep up the mess and quickly discard it.

11. Foam Pipe Insulation:

Pipe Insulation
Image Credit: Family Handyman

Have you ever dropped your keys or coins in the car?

Here is the solution. To prevent small items like keys, coins, or cell phones from falling between your vehicle’s seats and the console, you can fill the gaps using the foam pipe.

12. Tennis Racket as Dust Cleaner:

Dust cleaner
Image Credit: Family Handyman

Get rid of dust trapped in pillows and mattresses by gently beating them with an old tennis racket. This will deep clean the pillows and mattress, which is impossible with a vacuum cleaner.

13. Clean Blinds with Tongs:

Household Tricks
Image Credit: Family Handyman

Use kitchen tongs with rags attached to the ends to clean your window blinds quickly. Cut the rags in half and wrap each piece around one end of the tongs. Secure with twist ties. Open your blinds and start at the top. Use the tongs to grab a slat of the blinds and clamp it between the rags. Wipe the slate clean on both sides. Repeat for each slat. Close your blinds and let them dry.

14. Portable Scoop:

Household Tricks
Image Credit: Family Handyman

Please don’t throw empty milk or oil bottles. Instead, use this household item as scoop or funnel. Cut off the top of an empty milk bottle with sharp scissors to create a convenient scoop for pet food, potting soil, and more. Remove the cap, and it can be used as a funnel.

15. Bathroom Drawer:

Household Tricks
Image Credit: Family Handyman

Repurpose a silverware drawer insert from the kitchen for organizing items in your bathroom drawer. Use the various compartments to neatly store toothbrushes, toothpaste, razors, trimmers, clippers, and other small bathroom essentials.

16. Magazine Hanger:

Magazine Hanger
Image Credit: Family Handyman

Do you love reading in the bathroom but have no space for magazines?

Transform a cloth hanger into a quick and convenient magazine rack for your bathroom or bedroom. Place the magazines on the horizontal bar of the hanger, then hang them on a drawer pull or cabinet knob for easy access to reading material.

17. Clean Lint Buildup with Paint Stick:

Clean the Gap
Image Credit: Family Handyman

Keep your dryer running efficiently by using a paint stir stick with a clean rag wrapped around one end to clean the area around the lint trap. This helps remove lint buildup that the screen might miss.

18. Seed Broadcaster:

Household Tricks
Image Credit: Family Handyman

Reuse plastic berry containers from the refrigerator to spread grass seed on your lawn. Simply wash and dry the container, then use it to evenly distribute the seed.

19. Labele every Cord with Bread Tabs:

Household Tricks
Image Credit: Family Handyman

Label cords plugged into a power strip using plastic bread tabs. They are sturdy, have enough space to write on, and can easily clip around the plugin end of a cord. Additionally, they are available in multi colors, making it easy to identify and move your electrical devices.

20. Portable Roll Bag Storage:

Household Tricks
Image Credit: Family Handyman

Reuse plastic grocery bags by stuffing as many as possible into an empty paper towel roll. This keeps the bags contained and allows for easy dispensing when needed.

21. Boot Shaper:

Household Tricks: Boot Shaper
Image Credit: Family Handyman

Are you a boot lover?

Then this household item is helpful for you. Insert empty paper towel rolls into tall boots to help them maintain their shape while in storage. No more creased boots when you take them out of storage.

22. Hair Band Organizer:

Household Tricks
Image Credit: Family Handyman

Keep elastic hair bands organized by sliding them onto an empty toilet paper roll. This simple storage solution keeps them neat and easily accessible.

23. Write Notes on the Washer:

Write On Washer
Image Credit: Family Handyman

Use a dry-erase marker to note on the lid of your washing machine which items should not go into the dryer. This simple trick helps prevent clothes from being ruined and ensures they are appropriately handled during laundry.

24. Use a Pool Noodle Inside a Drawer:

Pool Noodle Drawer
Image Credit: Family Handyman

Cut a pool noodle to size and place it inside a drawer as a cushioning and organizing tool. It helps prevent items from rolling around and keeps the drawer contents neat.

25. DIY Hand Wash:

Household Tricks
Image Credit: Family Handyman

Have you ever struggled with cleaning grease or oil hands?

Let’s make it easier, mix dish soap with sugar. Apply the appropriate quantity on your hands and rub for a a few seconds. This natural scrub cuts through grease and leaves your hands clean and refreshed.

26. Water Bottle Holder:

Household Tricks: Tin Can
Image Credit: Family Handyman

Unable to carry the water bottle while gardening? Attach an empty tin can to the handle of your walk-behind mower using zip ties. Now put your water bottle into it. It provides a convenient holder for your water bottle while you mow the lawn.

27. Greenhouses from Plastic Container:

Plant Container
Image Credit: Family Handyman

Do you love planting or gardening? Then next time use the plastic container for planting.

Grab a plastic container, make a few holes in the bottom for ventilation, and fill it with soil. Now plant seeds and sprinkle water every day. In a few days, you will notice the growth of plants. The container acts as a mini greenhouse, allowing sunlight to reach the plants while retaining moisture.

28. Tape Containers for Smooth Glides:

Scratch Proof
Image Credit: Family Handyman

Pushing heavy furniture can damage the tile or surface. Next time put a tape container at each leg of the furniture piece to make it slide smoothly across the floor. This will not only ease the furniture relocating but also protect your floor from scratching.

29. Garden Gloves for Easy Cleaning:

Tape Dispenser
Image Credit: Family Handyman

If you are the one who keeps things clean and dirt-free, then next time, use garden gloves. Put on a pair of cotton garden gloves to clean small accessories throughout your home and office. For cleaning the glasses and windows, spray some disinfectant liquid on the objects and wipe them with gloves.

30. Pipe Insulation of Tables:

hurt proof
Image Credit: Family Handyman

Do you have a child in your house? If yes, then cover your table and furniture corners with foam pipe.

Cut one side of the tube to the desired length and cover the edges and corners that could be hazardous to a small child. This is the best way to overcome the risk of sharp corners or edges.

31. Multipurpose Egg Carton:

Household Tricks
Image Credit: Family Handyman

Do you have empty egg cartons? Don’t throw it in the garbage.

Empty egg cartons can be used in many ways, such as painting props to lift small projects off the work surface. This household item can be used to put small objects like screws, nut bolts, nails, etc. Or you can use it as a paint colour mixer.

32. Grocery Bag Shoe Covers:

Shoe Cover
Image Credit: Family Handyman

Is it raining outside and you have your favourite shoes?

Don’t worry; grab a simple plastic grocery bag or polythene and use it as a shoe cover. Put your shoe inside the polythene and tie the handle loops around the ankles. That’s it; now you can go outside without worrying about stains and dirt.

33. Crack Nuts with Hand Tools:

Nut Holder
Image Credit: Family Handyman

Cracking nuts is always a finger-hurting process. Next time use a plier or hand tools to grab nuts because fingers are more important than a small-sized nut. It would be best to experiment with different tools to find the most effective solution for every household problem.

34. Coffee Filters for Dusting:

Coffee Filter
Image Credit: Family Handyman

Want to clean laptop or computer screens?

Use coffee filters for an effective and inexpensive dusting solution. The thin layer of coffee filters will clean the sensitive displays without making any scratches on them. Also, the thin cloth-like paper is excellent for catching dust and can be used on various household accessories.

35. Quick Smartphone Speaker:

Smartphone Sound Enhancer
Image Credit: Family Handyman

Create a quick and easy smartphone speaker by placing your phone’s speaker inside any small hollow ceramic, steel or plastic bowl. The bowl will amplify the sound throughout the room and you will hear a loud and crisp sound.

36. Floor Swiffer for Walls:

Wall Cleaner
Image Credit: Family Handyman

Expand the use of your Swiffer Sweeper floor mop by using it to dust interior walls and trim. Attach a dry cloth to the end of the mop and glide it along walls and trim to pick up dust, cobwebs, and dirt without needing a ladder.

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